Widodo-Amin Combines Java, Subianto-Uno Attracts Sub-Urban Voters
Indonesian President Candidates Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Public campaign for 2019 President and Vice President candidates has entered its second day on Monday (03/25). If the Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin pair is still combing Java, the pair Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno shares the location, where Subianto combs Indonesia’s easternmost region, Papua, and Uno strengthens defense in the capital Jakarta.

In their first public campaign, Widodo and his vice-presidential candidate Ma’ruf Amin jointly opened the campaign in Banten province on Sunday (03/24). Yesterday, Widodo moved to eastern Java in three regencies: Banyuwangi, Jember and Malang to continue his campaign. In the 2014 presidential election, the three districts were paired with Widodo-Jusuf Kalla who were far ahead of Subianto-Hatta Rajasa.

Widodo in his campaign explained the use of the three new cards, namely Pre-Work Cards, Smart Cards for College, and Cheap Food Packages.

Widodo explained that the Smart Cards was given to students to be able to get higher education, both domestically and abroad to provide opportunities for smart young people to continue their education to the tertiary level.

While the Pre-Work Card is given to Vocational High School graduates who want to enter the workforce, especially in the fields of industry, private companies and State-Owned Enterprises to millions of students. During the preparation period there will be incentives to take part in training for cardholders.

Cheap Food Packages are expected to help housewives buy kitchen needs. This program is actually no different from the family hope program that has been proclaimed by Widodo since 2014. Three of the cards are planned to be operated by 2020 through the  2019 State Budget.

Meanwhile, his running mate, Amin, chose to return to his birthplace in Banten to campaign in front of his family in Jaya Baya Group, Pandeglang, Banten.

On the sidelines of his campaign, Amin also launched a hologram technology specifically designed for pair number 01 to help reach areas that could not be visited during the campaign period and at the same time spearheaded bringing Widodo-Amin closer to potential voters. More than that, the tool is made to fight hoaxes.

Through holographic Widodo-Amin can convey political messages to the public. Amin assessed the technology implies a message to the public, especially millennials, that their partners are able to use technology optimally to communicate in their campaigns.

However, whether the use of effective holograms to bring together the affective and emotional elements of voters and candidates supported is highly dependent on the preferences of the Indonesian people who still prioritize physical closeness rather than through technology.

Unlike the contender, Subianto yesterday made a political visit to sub-urban region, in Merauke, Papua province. The visit was the first time the former general had campaigned on “Bumi Cendrawasih”. During the campaign period, Subianto has never been caught in the media campaigning in the world’s largest of sago-producing land.

In the 2014 presidential election, Widodo-Kalla was superior in Papua with 72.49 percent of the vote. Whereas Subianto-Rajasa only won 27.51 percent of the vote. Therefore, according to the winning team, a visit to Papua was a strategy to attract more loyal voters from Widodo-Amin.

In his campaign, Subianto said that the central government often forgot about welfare and development in eastern Indonesia. Therefore, he promised to fulfill the welfare of the periphery areas that were forgotten by the government.

AS we know that the Papua region in the past few years has been hit by complicated conflicts, not only welfare, but also about self-determination. If elected, will Subianto-Uno be able to bring prosperity and peace in Papua.

The Widodo-Kalla government for more than four years has not been able to unravel the threads of the problems there. Through an infrastructure approach, it was not accepted because of excessive military intervention, until a shooting took place in Nduga, Papua, late last year.

Meanwhile, Uno tried to invade voters in the center of the capital city of Jakarta in three points, namely North Jakarta, East Jakarta and West Jakarta.

In his campaign, Uno expressed its appreciation to the people of Jakarta who have implemented the OKE-OCE program which became the leading platform when pairing with DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the citizens of Jakarta, Uno said he was optimistic that his two strategic programs could run effectively, even though at present they were still entangled. As in the third debate, the OKE-OCE program is planned to be a replication of the national program. Likewise with the The Ready to Workhouse program.

Uno also targets OKE-Océ to create 2 million new jobs. While the Ready to Workhouse program can cut 2 million unemployment over the next five years.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: daniel@theinsiderstories.com