Cyrus Network: Widodo-Amin Still Superior 38.1% against Prabowo-Sandi
The Indonesian survey institute, Cyrus Network released the electability survey of the 2019 Presidential and Vice-presidential Candidates on 19 April 2018. Photo by The Institute

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Indonesian survey institute, Cyrus Network just released the results of the electability survey of the 2019 presidential and vice-presidential candidates which shows the voters’ constituency of the Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin (47.8 percent) mate still superior 38.1 percent against Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno (29.7 percent) in the remaining 44 days ahead of the Presidential Election on April 17, told the official report on Thursday (02/28).

The survey which was conducted after the first debate (January 18-23 2019) also further reinforced the tendency of the society’s political choice towards “incumbents” who were considered to be the best leaders of here Indonesia.

This was shown by the reason for the respondents who to choose Widodo-Amin, caused by the good performance (38.5 percent), populist (27.2 percent), like (8.6 percent), good (5.8 percent), presidential candidate (3.8 percent), social assistance (3.0 percent), experience (2.1 percent), vision and mission, and programs (1.8 percent).

Meanwhile, the main reason for Prabowo-Sandi’s voters was their choice caused by the firm, authoritative and courageous (31.5 percent), want to change (14.7 percent), want to change the president (13.3 percent), vision-mission (8.5 percent), likes, matches, self-wishes (7.2 percent), experience (5.5 percent), not like Jokowi (3.1 percent).

Generally, the results of the survey showed that 77.5 percent of the voters (respondents) had chosen their choice in the two pairs of candidates, but there were still around 15.1 percent still changing and 7.4 percent did not answer.

However, from 47.8 percent of Widodo-Amin’s voters who have been determined by their choices, there are still 8.5 percent who are still likely to change their choices.

While 29.7 percent of Prabowo-Sandi voters will not change their choices, there are still 6.5 percent of Prabowo-Sandi voters still may change choices.

From this percentage, it can be said that the certainty level of the 01 pair is still higher than the pair 02. At present the two pair maintain their voter loyalty while continuing to try to win the optimal vote from “swing voters”.

On the other hand, Cyrus Network also shows that the “air war” through cyberspace (social media, internet) has reached a saturation and just wants to exacerbate political heat, but still without substance, so it is not significant to lift the vote base each partner.

Cyrus Network actually shows that only around 40 percent of voters are connected with direct information about both partners, both social media and chain messaging applications such as Whatsapp and Line. But, there are 60 percent of the population hasn’t come into contact with the main information sources.

Of this amount, only 13 percent of respondents (40 percent of Facebook users) claimed to actively spread political messages on Facebook. Likewise on WhatsApp, only 8.8 percent of respondents (28 percent of WhatsApp users) claimed to actively spread political messages in the chat application. Others have stopped or don’t care at all.

As assumption, if only half of the 40 percent of the niche can be used to get a vote amid political tensions, it means only about 20 percent of the total population. While the society groups that aren’t connected with noisy political campaigns can still be optimized because it much large, namely 60 percent of the population.

Therefore, in the remaining time of more than a month, the two partners must continue to work hard campaigning for political promises to win the hearts of voters in each of the ballots to win the political battle later.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: