Indonesia military and Free Papuan Rebel Fires in Nduga Papua - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Gunfire between the police and the Armed Criminal Group again occurred in Nduga Regency, Papua, on Wednesday (03/20). As a result, one policeman died and two were injured, currently being treated at the local hospital.

Based on information obtained from the Papua Regional Police, the incident occurred at around 7:30 a.m. The incident began when members of the local police were securing a helicopter that wanted to land in Mugi District. The helicopter carries logistics.

“The police officers are carrying out security on helicopter aircraft carrying out logistical support at Mugi Airport. Suddenly, the armed groups fired a shot at police officers on duty. The shot was replied to. Three members were shot. One of them died and two others were injured, “ said the Papua Police Chief, Inspector General Martuani Sormin.

Sormin report, a police officer named Aldy, died from a gunshot wound to his right shoulder and arm. Meanwhile, Bharada Ravi Fitrah Kurniawan suffered two gunshot wounds to the right chest under the armpit and Ipda Arif Rahman suffered a gunshot wound to the left shoulder to penetrate his back.

The three were immediately evacuated to Mozes Kilangin Timika Airport. At around 9:13 a.m, the victim was flown and then taken to the Mimika Regency General Hospital.

Public Relations of Mimika Hospital, Luky Mahakena, confirmed that he had received three members of the police who were wounded in Nduga during a shootout the armed group. Two of them were still being treated intensively and the dead were buried in the morgue.

“In accordance with the regulation, we conducted emergency medical treatment for two injured victims on behalf of Ravi and Arif. We carried out a major operation on the two victims who were wounded by gunfire. “Both conditions are still normative,” Mahakena said.

Not only this time the incident caused the death of the authorities because of a shootout with armed groups. Earlier on March 7, a shootout in Nduga killed three soldiers and seven people from this armed group.

According to Monitoring data, more than 20 cases have occurred from 2014 to November 2018, even showing the number of cases has increased in the last two years.

Throughout 2017, armed violence killed three Indonesian officers and two people from armed groups. In that year, there were nine cases recorded by media coverage.

The following year, the number of victims swelled. Four civilian victims and three Indonesian officers were recorded. The casualties emerged from seven cases that occurred until November 2018. The data did not include an incident in Nduga that happened to Trans Papua development workers.

During 2014 to November 2018, at least 15 civilians and 14 Indonesian officials were killed in various incidents of armed violence.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: