Since 2016 Three Cases of Terror Against Trans Papua Development Workers - Photo: Privacy

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) — Following the assassination of dozens of Trans Papua construction workers by rebels, National Army and Police have deployed 150 officers to the scene. Police Chief Tito Karnavian said that forces are now on their way to the crime areas.

He also confirmed that Indonesia security officers will be able to manage the situation. “Their (rebels) power is only around 20-50 people. We have sent team there with a larger number of people. So it must be able to be managed,” said Karnavian at the Merdeka Palace on Wednesday (12/05).

He added, this is not just an ordinary criminal act but a terrorist act by Free Papua Organization. Besides, he continued. that government will map unsecured area that needs special guarding, also register companies and state-owned enterprises that may need an escort when doing their strategic projects in Papua.

The Trans Papua’s Wamena-Agats session that crosses Nduga—is the location of the bloody murder—stretching 800 kilometer (km). A state-owned enterprise consortium, PT Istaka Karya projects are the development of 14 bridges in Trans Papua, with 11 bridges ongoing.

According to the general Nduga is a red zone, area with symbol of poverty, backwardness, and prone to social conflict. Karnavian also mentioned that the rebel group wanted to show their existence by flying the Free Papua Organization flag.

But he realized, the root of the problem is development and welfare issues. Considering the difficult geographical situation, 3,000 km above sea, development is quite late in the area.

Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo sent his deepest condolences for the victims’ families. He also highlighted that the Trans Papua development will not be cancelled. He also told Public Works and Public Housing minister to continue Wamena – Mamugu road development along with 35 bridges, and the 4,600 km Trans Papua must be soon finished, to achieve social equality between all Indonesian people.

The murder of Istaka Karya construction workers occurred on Sunday (12/02), while they were building bridges in Kali Yigi and Kali Aurak, Yigi district, Nduga regency, Papua. The exact number of the victims are now being investigated.

Other than that, attacks also happened a day later in military security post in Mbua district, Nduga regency. One military officer died and one was injured.

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