TIS Network

Manages its services with the objective of enhancing the performance and investment quality in Indonesia. We are actively seeking to partner with client who sees the benefit and advantage of doing excellent business

The Insider Stories

Offer insight on Indonesia’s economy. We provide a global reference for industry intelligence, news, information, and data. This is a media flagship for the Insider Network

TIS Intelligence

Uncertainly and complexity are two major challenges to business. Actors in the sector have taken various efforts to productively respond to them especially when operational and production have been the main priority.

As a provider of business intelligence, TIS Intelligence tries to answer such challenges. Supported by quality human resources and business intelligence experts, TIS Intelligence is present to be a reliable partner for business players as well as other in different sectors in responding to the challenges emerged in the global era.

Currently TIS Intelligence is under the auspices of PT Trisula Indera Satria