Elderly Amin Versus Energetic Uno in the Third Debate
Ma'ruf Amin, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno will meet at the third debate, March 17. Photo by TheInsiderStories

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Vice Presidential (VP) Candidate Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno will optimize the OK-OCE and Ready to Workhouse programs to ensure the availability of skilled labor as a strategy to reduce unemployment rates to two million peoples in five year. He also promised to creating new entrepreneurs through the programs.

In the third debate stage specifically reserved for the two VP candidates on Sunday (03/17), Uno revealed, the two programs were excellent programs and were believed to be able to print skilled workers and could even open up new jobs.

“That is why this program is a permanent solution for youth employment. Our OK-OCE and Ready to Workhouse programs that we just launched will create two million new jobs through the creation of 2 million new entrepreneurs,” he opened the stage.

Uno assessed, one of the biggest trigger factors for unemployment in Indonesia today is the difficulty of the young workforce, namely those aged 15-24 years, to get jobs that are in accordance with their education base. Through the programs, graduates will be given training so that graduates are equipped with the ability to enter formal and non-formal jobs professionally.

“The programs is where the young people can come to use the co-working space, exercise space, and other training spaces, may that be a training to be a coffee barista. These programs will assure scholarship access for vocational school graduates,” he firmed.

Referring to the good achievement of the OK-OCE program in the Jakarta province, Uno saw a similarity between the two programs. He seeks to replicate and expand the reach of OK-OCE into a national project. He believed OK-OCE can empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to become a national economic locomotive that is resistant to global economic instability.

“OK-OCE will be expanded to the national level and produce two million new entrepreneurs. I also believe in the one-stop-shop service of Ready to Workhouse. We sees that SMEs are the solutions to create jobs. SMEs make up 99.9 percent of the businesses in Indonesia and 60 percent of the GDP will be produced by the SMEs,” he added.

According to Uno, the optimization of The Ready to Workhouse program is related to the educational process or system. He also promised to create a link and match between the curriculum or education system with the needs of the workforce in the business world.

“The main issue in our perspective with the absence of link-and-match – what employers need from the education system. That is why our program is to assure that vocational schools are connected and in-sync with employers, may that be in the business sectors, or others, including the government,” he cleared.

Besides, Uno will also ensure the welfare of honorary teachers, equitable access to education, and replace national examinations by tracing the interests and talents for the sake of prosperity and justice for all educational actors.

“The first one being quality education by improving the welfare of teachers who receive honorarium. Our curriculum should be revised to focus on character building. We should eradicate the national examination system,” he said.

In the health sector, Uno will struggle to ensure adequate health infrastructure, affordable funding, fast and safe referral patterns, the availability of professional health workers and the services and availability of medicines.

He claimed that the poor performance of health insurance in the past few years, which continued to show deficits of up to tens of trillions, not only became a procedural problem but also structural problems related to the accuracy of policy makers.

“In the first 200 days, we will solve the problems in Health Insurance. The deficits will be covered by calculations involving the nation’s best sons and daughters. Medicines have to be reimbursed on time, we will apply promotive and preventive measures where we will encourage 22 minutes of exercise daily,” he explained.

In the field of social and cultural development, Uno revealed, the richness of Indonesian culture could be the basis of the strength of the national economy. Building culture is not only a matter of budget allocation and infrastructure, but as a nation rich in values ​​of tolerance and unity, Indonesia can make it an economic resource through the development of cultural tourism and cultural-based events.

“We will also ensure the integrated data system to create a database for the people in the rural areas. We will also safeguard the pluralism and tolerance in our country, which needs to be one of our priorities. We have a lot of potential in the creative industry and we will focus on what the people want,” he said.

At the end of his stage, the Prabowo Subianto‘ pair said, to parse various key problems in Indonesia, the government doesn’t need to issue many cards, but how to use the cards to be more effective and useful for the community. So far, there are still many problems with existing cards. Therefore, he recommends that the community simply use one card, namely the ID Card.

“It should be our legacy to widen job creation across all services because we don’t want to burden the country and the State Budget by issuing more cards. Now, please take out the one card we all have, and that is our ID cards. This is extremely sophisticated because it has a chip in it. Through the single identification number, all types of services will be provided. This is our super card,” he concluded.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: daniel@theinsiderstories.com