Presidential Candidates Prabowo Subianto - Photo by TheInsiderStories

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia’s presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto delivered his economic program to the public for the first time, yesterday. The program “Big Push Strategy” its expecting to make the self sufficiency for the country a prosperous nation and catching up with some of its neighboring country.

Subianto and the incumbent Joko Widodo are running for 2019 Presidential Election in April. To attract voter interest, the presidential challenger has been throwing up big ideas in recent weeks.

With tagline “Job and Affordable Prices”, he and his partner Sandiaga Uno are willing to lift the poorest people economy with the Big Push Strategy.

Big Push Strategy focus on three areas:

  1. Energy Self-efficiency to build the country’s competitiveness advantage with technology and good management
  2. Food Self-efficiency especially rice and sugar palm by rebuild new plant. Pilot project in East Kalimantan
  3. And Water Self Efficiency

“Through our strategy will be to use our competitive advantage. We can have three harvests a year with technology and good management,” he delivered to the audiences at the Indonesia Economic Forum on Wednesday (11/21).

He explained, Indonesia can regrow 88 million hectares of destroyed forests to make them productive again to help meet the country’s self-sufficiency goal. According to him, the forests are vital for food production and renewable energy generation.

The 66-year old retired army general citing a projection that the resource-rich country will need to source its entire energy or fuel needs from imports by 2027.

The son of Indonesia’s notable economist Sumitro Djojohadikusumo and team also has plans to slash corporate and personal income taxes if he comes to power to compete the low-tax neighbors like Singapore in luring more investments.

Subianto also promised that if elected, he would emulate the success stories of countries that have managed to reduce poverty significantly. He convinced that he can turn the country very fast, but need a clean and strong government.

He showed several key indicators which must be addressed in the future. First Human Developmen Index (now in rank, lose out with Singapore (5), Malaysia (59), and Thailand (87)); PISA 66, Science 65 (World Bank said that more than half of Indonesian are functionally illiterate).

Furthermore, Life Expectancy 168 or in fifth level among the ASEAN’s country; Infant mortality 143 rank and stunting 25 rank (Unicef Data in 2018). Then, access to clean water 125 or 6th rank among ASEAN. Another sad indicator, he added, are in soccer Indonesia’ rank 160 in 2018 (FIFA).

Then, GNI to GDP ratio 169 or fifth rank in ASEAN. Tax ratio at 112 rank, foreign reserves 17 rank ($115 billion in October). Trade balance we are number 22 (2017).

Mathematically, Subianto rated, the country should worry on this condition caused compared to other country in the region like Singapore has foreign reserves $285 billion and Thailand $202.5 billion.

“We need to overcome many challenges like higher cost of living, essential commodity and utility price, rising government debt Rp4,000 trillion, strong oligarchy (richest 40 has 584,000 x more wealth than average people). If we can solve this we can achieve 6-7 economic growth,” Subianto ended his speech.