Chairman of Indonesian Election Watch Abhan at the press conference in Election Watch Building in Jakarta, on Tuesday (04/16). Photo by Theinsiderstories.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Indonesian Election Watch and the General Election Commission are considered not ready to face and resolve the practice of fraud in foreign elections which took place on Sunday (04/14). They also have not taken firm action regarding voting fraud committed in Selangor, Malaysia.

The investigation team that left for neighboring countries is said to still carry out checks and verification. So far, only recommendations for the selection and dismissal of electoral committees, but have not been able to reveal how fraud can occur and who is behind it.

“We have ordered the Kuala Lumpur Election Committee through the General Election Commission to conduct a follow-up vote with the post and vote method that has been punched countless more,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Election Watch Abhan at a press conference in Jakarta, on Tuesday (04/16).

We also recommend through the election commission to replace the committee as many as two peoples on behalf of Krishna KU Hannan as Deputy Ambassador who in our opinion, to avoid conflicts of interest, and Djadjuk Natsir, it is recommended to be dismissed as committed to maintain professionalism, he added.

However, the public certainly expects this fraud case to be revealed. The solution to the re-election and dismissal of the electoral committee is a technical matter, not the substance of the question at hand. The results of a thorough investigation of this case are actually needed to guarantee fair and fair elections. Also to anticipate similar events in other places.

An honest and fair election activist, Eggy Sudjana, for example, questioned the steps taken by the organizers. Himself considers the problem not yet finished with the solution given. Re-election does not mean that this case was stopped because it violated the four articles of Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning the General Elections used, namely articles 532, 537, 550 and 456, he said.

Article 532 reads: “Any person who intentionally commits an act that causes the vote of a Voter to be of no value or causes certain Election Participants to receive additional votes or votes for the Election of Participants to be reduced by a maximum of 4 (four) years imprisonment and a maximum fine Rp48,000,000 (forty-eight million Rupiahs), he added.

“With this case, we know that the election organizers were unprepared and seemed afraid to reveal the truth,” he said.

As known, the elections in Malaysia were in the spotlight because of the discovery of a number of ballots that had been cast over the legislative candidates for the Nasional Demokrat Party and Demokrat parties and incumbent presidential candidate Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin.

In addition to Malaysia, election organizers must also be prepared to resolve electoral chaos in other places such as Sydney Australia and Hong Kong.

Cases in these two places are similar: hundreds of Indonesian citizens living there reportedly could not distribute their voices because they were running out of time. Even though they claimed to have lined up for hours. Indonesian citizens in Sydney and Hong Kong also made a petition containing requests for follow-up voting.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: