Indonesian Election: Police Arrests Papuan Activists Refusing 2019 Election
Police officers arrested demonstrators from Papua who refused the 2019 election in Denpasar, Bali on Monday (04/15). Photo by Privacy.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Denpasar police officers in Bali secured a number of activists from the Aliansi Mahasiswa Papua who marched to invite the public to abstain from and reject the 2019 election. The actions were taken during the “salience period” of the election also demanded independence of West Papua from Indonesia. Their actions are considered contrary to peaceful and cool elections in the 2019 Election.

“We also secured banners that read “Reject the 2019 Presidential Election”. They delivered like that,” said the Denpasar Police Chief, Ruddi Setiawan, in Denpasar, Bali, Monday (04/15).

He said the banners used by the demonstrators were provocative. Moreover, this time is a period of quiet days before the election takes place. He asserted, his party claimed to have also conveyed to the action coordinator not to conduct the demonstration. But the period of action continued to carry out peaceful actions and took to the streets.

Setiawan said his party had appealed to the dispersal of the masses. But the demonstrators ignored the officers’ appeal. They impose their will. About 20-25 people were not communicative from the intelligence section of their correspondence and were given input so as not to carry out their actions shut up, the language was one command, he added.

“The police should give firm action. But we give tolerance because there are rules to convey rights, just because at this time it coincides with a period of calm, it is unfortunate,” he added.

He also regretted the attitude of the students who conducted the demonstration. Moreover, the banners they use are provocative and contrary to the election invitation.

“The most provocative ones rejected the 2019 presidential election. In fact, we echoed the entire anti-election movement, and so on. So if they are reversed the same as not supporting government policies. They should be aware and support because they are part of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

At present, the demonstrators are still undergoing an examination at the Denpasar Police. Evidence in the form of banners was confiscated by officers. The police will conduct further investigations to comply with the motives behind this action.

“In the future, an investigation will be conducted, what is the basis for them to do that, do they understand that we are making a conducive situation before the 2019 Election. Hopefully, they can understand because it is our obligation. Please understand our obligation to create a safe and conducive situation,” he explained while adding the action does not have a permit. Only provide a notification letter for the peaceful action.

2019 Election Security

The Coordinating Ministry for Politics, Law and Security Wiranto has given sixth instructions to the military and police so that the elections held April 17, 2019, run safely and smoothly. Wiranto explained that the first thing that had to be done by the police and military on the ground was to create a sense of security for all voters since leaving from home to polling stations so they could give their voting rights without any pressure.

“Give and create a safe space for voters to be able to move from home to polling stations and carry out elections safely and freely without pressure,” he said in Jakarta today.

The second instruction, Wiranto explained that all members of the military and police were obliged to assist all election organizers at both the central and regional levels. Not only to secure but to deliver all election logistics.

Then the third, all officials must attach their eyes and ears. Neutralizing every indication that will disrupt the election, especially those who will interfere at the polling station. Look for and overcome those who will disturb voters, he said.

Furthermore, according to Wiranto, members of the police must closely monitor the vote count and deal with any community groups that plan to mobilize the masses to the polling stations during ballot calculations to disrupt the election.

“Fifth, again I remind all the members of the police and military to be neutral. Last or sixth, I say that securing the election is an honor. If the election can be successful, it will be a pride for us and the nation,” he said.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: