Indonesian presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto very confident to win 63 percent over his contender of Joko Widodo - Ma'ruf Amin - Photo: TheInsiderStories

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto very confident to win 63 percent over his contender of Joko Widodo – Ma’ruf Amin, he said at a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday night (04/16). Today the biggest ever election in the country begun.

The calculation, he said, based on the winning team had carried out internal counting for approximately eight months since the official determination by the General Election Commission in August last year.

This belief appears from the electability trend which tends to rise significantly later, while its rivals tend to stagnate and even decline.

“We see and feel very confident on the verge of victory. We see signs abroad where we won convincingly in many places despite many obstacles and strangeness. But we believe in the will of the decisive Owner (God),” said the ex-general.

Subianto is very confident, his victory is a sign of the ongoing process of democracy in Indonesia, where the people are in need of leaders who bring change to the life of the nation and state.

“Democracy is a government that is truly carried out by the will of the people, so we must respect it,” he said.

The former soldier revealed that all this time he and his team had always been said to be a support group for the Caliphate state. In addition, its members have always been under the intimidation of dominant groups, especially by state administrators.

He said, there were several party cadres who were arrested by the police without committing serious legal violations. In addition, he was also hit by an issue which was blown out by senior US journalist Allan Nairn as a leader who would destroy radical groups and networks in Indonesia.

“Do you rate the campaign process so far smoothly and uninterrupted by the statements of Allan Nairn, the arrest of Gerindra Party cadres and others?” he asked the supporters.

However, Subianto appreciated the performance of the election organizers and security forces who did not take sides and take full responsibility for all the activities of the largest democratic party in Indonesia. He hopes that all organizers carry out their promise of neutrality until the election is over.

“We want to reduce political costs. I will not use the police and the army for my political interests. I also will not use State-Owned Enterprises for political purposes,” he firmed.

Subianto acknowledged that he and Uno had gathered strength to build Indonesia based on capacity and capability across religions, ethnicities, races and cultures. This was also reflected in the 65 potential people he chose on the closing day of his campaign last Friday.

“We gather together here from across religions, there are Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. We are grateful because everything is going well,” he said.

Meanwhile, his running mate Uno revealed that after eight months traveling around Indonesia, he met many people in all walks of life to hear closely the complaints and hopes of the people.

“Eight months we have been around, we heard hope and we both want to provide solutions to the community,” he said.

After receiving a tremendous response from the community, the former Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta was convinced by his determination and commitment to present a solution for people who live in poverty, for young children and controlled prices of basic necessities, their partners will win.

“I am sure to win for a fair and prosperous Indonesia,” Uno said.

Unlike the estimates of his rival, Chair of the National Campaign Team of Widodo-Amin Eric Thohir, said that after observing the survey results, he predicted his compatriots would win 58-62 percent.

“The surveys from credible agencies show the electability of Widodo-Amin is 58-62 persen,” he said.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: