Mbak Tutut: Everyone Has A Rights Become President 

Siti Hadiyanti Rukmana with his Father's picture background - Photo by TheInsiderStories
JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Ahead of 2019’s Indonesia presidential, two candidates of presidents have openly show their interest to run for the
chair. Joko Widodo, the incumbent and the leading figures of the former rival in 2014’s president election Prabowo Subianto has declared their candidacy.
Out of the two candidates, at least almost two decades after the down of Indonesia strongman Soeharto, his family–daughters and sons–are coming back on the spotlight. Even there is no clear signs which camp they are gonna support.
The Soeharto family has decided to jump into political arena. Soeharto youngest son, Hutomo “Tommy” Mandala Putra is making a new push to launch a career in politics and establish a political party that believes it can cash in on his late father’s legacy.
While the other daughter Siti Hediati Harijadi is a member of parliament from Golkar Party and deputy chairman of Indonesia Consultative Assembly. The oldest daughter of Soeharto, Siti Hardijanti Rukmana or familiar with nickname Mbak Tutut talked about his family political stances ahead of 2019 election in his father house at Jalan Cendana Number 8, Menteng , Central Jakarta on June 4.
The details of the conversation are below :
Q: Do you have a desire in your heart to be a president? You had  experience during the days of  your father Soeharto in running the government?
A:That’s why I miss (my father) , I write (in my blog)
Q: First you have the capability. Second, there are two political parties that can support you (Golkar and Berkarya), and third you have experiences and you are still pretty and charming?
A: Oh No. There are many young and more competent people to be President.
Q: Is there someone from the family that prepared to be President?
A: We just see later. I do not know.
Q: What happen if the people want?
A: We see later.
Q: Does Tommy consult with you before involving into politics)? Is there any family discussion?
A: It is confidential.
Q: Is there any possibility that you will participate in 2019 Presidential Election?
A: Until now, there is no talk (about that). Frankly speaking, there is no talk.
Q: Is there any possibility ?
A: Everyone has the possibility and opportunity to be president. All Indonesian people.
Q: Including the Cendana family?
A: As long as (they are still ) Indonesian people, all can be (candidate of President) .
Q: Tommy established Berkarya Party, will you join the party?
A: As the sister, I certainly support my little brothers and sisters. God Willing, I will support the struggle of my little brothers and sisters.
Q: There are two political parties now that your siblings join. Which one will you support Berkarya or Golkar?
A: On my little brother and sisters, all depend on them. All return to their respective choices.
Q: Do you have a desire to joint politics again?
A: I do not have to join a political party to help this country. But, I can do social activities and other activities.
Q: What is your daily activities ?
A: I take care of my grand children every day. I like to sing and create a song. I have 120 songs that I created.
Q: As the representative of the family, what is your opinion on the current political situation and the leadership of Widodo?
A: Whoever become the president now, we must support for the goodness of the country and the nation. If there are mistakes or disadvantages, there are channels to correct them . Let’s correct them. We hope there will be no chaos in this country , so people can feel safe. Let’s us develop the nation and the  states without  the violence, but with the goodness. My father said please smile from your heart.
Q: There was a picture of Soeharto look alike went viral. What is your opinion?
A: I saw the picture, he looks like my father. Maybe it is because o people  miss my father so the picture went viral. We will preserve and continue to promote my father’s thinking so the country will not be divided by the news that should not be delivered to the people
Q: There was a video campaign a bad things on New Order and Mr Soeharto. What is your opinion?
A: If a polical party they want to promote themselves, it is OK. May be it was just because they are not strong enough so they did it. My father always remind us to be patients, because the people have been smart and they can
distinguish the right from the wrong . I do not want to comment.