Insight: Religious Movement “Itjima Ulama” Indonesian Towards People Power?
The Indonesian "Itjima Ulama" Forum gave five recommendations related to the 2019 Presidential Election. Photo by Privacy.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Post-2019 Presidential Election, Indonesia still has to face a commotion that never ends. Starting from the electoral fraud debate, the quick count paid by one party, to the people power narrative, became the main headline for domestic news.

The commotion increased after last week, coinciding with May Day, the “Itjima Ulama” forum attended by opposition leader Prabowo Subianto. Chair of the Organizing Committee Slamet Ma’arif admitted that the third Itjima Ulama meeting was held on the facts of 2019 electoral fraud conducted in a structured, massive and systematic manner.

Even a quick count that shows incumbent Joko Widodo – Ma’ruf amin winning the election is part of the formation of opinion in the community. It was stated that there were 1,000 figures and scholars from all over Indonesia who were present the meeting.

Its main supporters are Front Pembela Islam (FPI) and Presidium Alumni  212. After the two times of the previous Ijtima Ulama became a means of consolidating the strength of Islamic groups supporting the opposition, the forum now was said to specifically discuss election fraud issues.

Especially after a few days ago the opposition cyber team announced the results of 9,040 input errors applied by the General Election Commission vote counting system. The website for the last three days, April 27 – 29.

The team observed data from 172,174 polling stations out of 404,290, which is 42 percent of the total polls across Indonesia. Out of all the data observed, 6 percent of them were incorrect.

The findings were consistent over the three-day inspection, and no changes were made for such inaccuracies. Most mistakes were found in West Java (764 polls, 8 percent of total mistakes), Central Java (706 polls, 7.4 percent of total mistakes) and East Java (385 polls, 4 percent of total mistakes).

The opposition team’ findings are in line with the reports of a number of monitoring organizations (KoDe Inisiatif, Mata Rakyat Indonesia, Kornas JPPR, KIPP Indonesia, dan SPD) in the 2019 election which found 708 problems in the ballot counting recapitulation process. The findings are based on the results of their direct monitoring of 26,802 polls (32.3 percent) and other media reports as of April 25.

KoDe Initiative researcher, Ihsan Maulana, said various problems were found starting from the form C1 to the ballot box. Of the 708 findings, the most findings related to C1 were swapped as many as 218 findings, C1 was input wrong with the number of findings 196, there were no C1 151, and C1 was unclear/opaque/folded with 106 findings.

Secretary of Mata Rakyat Indonesia, Bayu Adi Permana, explained further about the number of errors found in that amount. In the case of a change in C1, he said that the exchanged C1 had many deficiencies in its parts such as only the news, the witness signature or only the first page of the official certificate.

Then, he also explained about C1 input errors. The error, he continued, lies in the input process. Not the C1 that was wrong. He also said that it received five findings related to the problem of missing, unlocked or unsealed ballot boxes.

Based on these findings, the forum issued five recommendations, one of which disqualified candidates for Widodo-Amin plots. Its contents include; first, conclude that there have been various types of fraud and crimes that are structured, systematic and massive in the 2019 Election process.

Second, encourage and ask the opposition winning team to submit objections through procedural legal mechanisms regarding the occurrence of various fraudulent and systematic frauds in the process of the 2019 Presidential Election.

Thirdly, it urged the Election Supervisory Body and the Election Commission to decide the cancellation/disqualification of the incumbent presidential candidate. Fourth, invites the people and all the nation’s children to guard and accompany the struggle for law enforcement by means of constitutional law, in fighting fraud and crime and injustice including the disqualification of the incumbent presidential and vice presidential candidate who commit fraud and crime in the 2019 Presidential Election.

And fifth decided that the struggle against fraud and crime and injustice was a form of illiterate, constitutional and legal law in order to maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia and the sovereignty of the people.

When reading the recommendation, Maarif said that Subianto as the presidential candidate who was supported helped oversee decision-making. The former General of the New Order even revealed that the Ijtima’s recommendations were quite comprehensive and firm.

Even the FPI high priest, Habib Rizieq suggested that the opposition team immediately urge the Election Commission to stop the real count. By Rizieq, the real count is considered to be dangerous and forms a wrong opinion in the eyes of the public.

Until now the government has not responded to this recommendation. But before this forum was held, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto and Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko had judged it as misguided and called for legal channels as a solution to electoral fraud.

Wiranto requested that the alleged fraud in the 2019 Concurrent Election be reported to the Constitutional Court or Election Watch. He requested that the procedure for a dispute over legislative election results or the presidential election be brought to the existing legal channels.

The same thing was conveyed by Moeldoko. He asked the issue of electoral fraud to be resolved through legal channels, not with the Ijtima Ulama forum. He also asked all parties not to conclude there was election fraud before a decision from the Election Commission. Even Vice President Jusuf Kalla asked that Ijtima Ulama be held based on religious guidelines and rules, not politics. That way, the forum has the right legal basis.

But Maarif said that the activities of the Ijtima Ulama were related to the 2019 Election. He added, the forum activities did not conflict with the constitution.

Every citizen, he said, has freedom of assembly and opinion as stipulated in the 1945 Constitution. Given the magnitude of the influence of this forum in the 2017 Jakarta Election, the government should approach it wisely and politically.

If Widodo and his staff fail to realize reconciliation efforts until May 22, when the General Election Commission officially announces the winner of the 2019 presidential election, this people power movement will occur.

This was more than enough to make the camp inconclusive. The reason is, if the scale of the protest can be as large as “212 Rally”, this is sufficient to be used as a tool for people power justification. Chaos that arises can be the end of Widodo’s political game.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: