The governor of Jakarta province, Anies Baswedan, announced the extension of the phase I transitional period large-scale social restriction for the fourth time until August 27 - Photo by Provincial Government Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The governor of Jakarta province, Anies Baswedan, announced the extension of the phase I transitional period large-scale social restriction for the fourth time until August 27. During this period, he emphasized that the provincial government will tighten activities that have the potential to cause crowds in public spaces, especially in the weekend.

“We decided to extend the transitional period in this first phase for the fourth time until 27 August 2020. Through this extension, we together with the police and the TNI will focus on enforcing the rules, especially the use of masks for the public, “said Governor Anies at the Jakarta City Hall, on Thursday (13/8).

On this occasion, Governor Anies also emphasized that any social activities that cause crowds will be temporarily suspended, especially the Motorized Vehicle Free Day (HBKB) or Car Free Day (CFD). As for the moment of commemoration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, Governor Anies has determined that any celebration activities, especially competitions, will be eliminated in DKI Jakarta.

“All joint social activities that cause the crowd will be postponed. And this means, we have decided to cancel our care free day activities because has the potential to crowd,” explained the governor in a written statement released on Thursday (08/14).

Baswedan revealed, that the number of confirmed positive cases until August 13, increased by 621 new cases, bringing the total accumulation of positive cases in DKI Jakarta to 27,863. There are currently 119 active cases in Jakarta, or patients who are undergoing treatment in hospitals or independent isolation, bringing the total number of active cases to 9,044 people, he adds.

“64 percent of positive confirmed cases in Jakarta have returned to their activities. As for the positive confirmed cases who died, 13 people have increased with a total of 981 people. Based on that data, Jakarta’ death rate is 3.5 percent and still below the National, which is 4.5 percent,” he noted.

He also reported, the development of the PCR test capacity in the province which applies World Health Organization standards, people without symptoms who are confirmed positive for COVID-19, only need to self-isolate during the incubation period without the need to be re-tested. As for patients with symptoms, especially those who need special care at the hospital, they will need to be retested.

“Of the total number of tests as many as 6,087 per day, as many as 5.049 specimens or 82 percent tested by PCR today are for diagnosing new cases with results of 621 positive and 4,428 negative,” said Baswedan.

He also stated that the positivity rate in Jakarta has tended to increase over the past week, around 8.7 percent or accumulated from the start, the positivity rate about 5.7 percent. He asserted, that the provincial government will try to reduce the positivity rate by continuing increases the testing capacity to break the chain of transmission.

The governor hopes that health facilities, especially in hospitals, as the last bastion of defense, can survive the struggle to face the COVID-19 pandemic in the capital city.

Through this large-scale social distancing transition phase I extension, Baswedan hopes, that the public will be more alert to the potential for COVID-19 transmission in the city.

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