Indonesian Election Watch decided the General Election Commission had been proven to be legally violating election administration. Photo by Privacy.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian Election Watch decided the General Election Commission (GEC) had been proven to be legally violating election administration. The Commission was declared to have violated the procedures for inputting data into the vote counting information system.

“To prosecute, one, stated that the election commission was proven to be legally violating the procedures and procedures in the data input of the vote counting information system,” said Abhan, the judge’ panel chairman in a hearing in Jakarta, on Thursday (05/16).

Furthermore, Election Watch asked the commission to improve the system and procedures in the data input process. “Ordering the commission to improve the procedures in the voting information system data input,” Abhan said.

The agency says the existence of a counting system has been recognized in the applicable law. Therefore, they suggested that the counting system be maintained as an instrument used by the commission in ensuring information disclosure.

“Nevertheless, the election commission in using the vote counting application must still pay attention to accuracy, accuracy in entering data into system applications so that it does not create polemic in the community and must pay attention to every input of data improvements,” said assembly member Ratna Dewi Petalolo.

Previously, complaints about reports of fraud in the GEC counting system were submitted by the opposition national winning team beginning of the month. In the report, they brought evidence of input errors and requested that the vote count process be stopped immediately. But the commission decided to continue the calculation process while promising to correct the mistakes.

The election commission was also declared to have committed an administrative violation related to the quick count organizer. The commission is said to be proven not transparent in announcing the registration of survey institutions that administer quick counts.

“We conclude as follows: One, that the election commission did not make an official announcement regarding the registration of 2019 general election quick counting activities,” the agency said.

Then, the commission was declared proven not to have submitted a written notice to the survey institution to be included in the funding source and methodology report. The agency explained that the report should be carried out 15 days after the announcement of the results of the survey as stipulated in the law on voter socialization or community participation.

According to the agency, the GEC’ actions contravene the provisions of Article 449 paragraph 4 of Law Number 7 Year 2017 concerning Elections, Article 29 and 30 paragraph 1 PKPU 2018 concerning Socialization, Voter Education, and Community Participation.

Therefore, the agency decided the election commission had violated the administrative procedures for registration and reporting of survey institutions. Furthermore, GEC was asked to immediately announce survey institutions that did not submit reports.

“To declare that the election commission is proven legally and convincingly violates the procedures for the registration and reporting of institutions that carry out quick counts. Then instructs the commission to announce a quick counting agency that does not include reports.”

In response, the election commission claimed that since the beginning it had corrected all data input errors, especially after receiving input from the opposition team.

“So far, this is the mechanism that we are running. Every mistake will be corrected immediately. From the beginning we emphasized that it will be open for every input and immediately improve,” said Pramono Ubaid, GEC’ commissioner.

However, the opposition itself considers the calculation process in GEC cannot be repaired. But the election watch’s decision proved what the opposition had been fighting for so far. From the very beginning, the opposition has been prepared to be careful, honest and fair in the process of counting the votes. Even since the polling station level.

“It has been conveyed that there must be improvements to C1 that are uploaded. But what else will be improved? They continue to do so even though we requested that they are stopped since they discovered the initial mistake,” said Sufmi Dasco Ahmad, opposition legal and advocacy director.

While the incumbent team did not question the election watch decision while stressing it was important to transparency the vote counting process.

“We are not a problem. This means that the method used by GEC is wrong. Therefore it must be corrected. Although not an official result, the system is a form of transparency that can be accessed by the public,” said Arya Sinulingga, spokesman for the incumbent team.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: