Thousands Opposition's supporters rally in the front of Indonesia's Election Supervisory Bidy - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Thousands of opposition supporters rallied in front of Indonesia’ Election Supervisory Agency’ office on Friday (05/09), demanding the completion of a number of fraud cases during the electoral process with they called full of “systematic, structured and massive fraud.”

They believed that the April 17 election was full of massive frauds committed by incumbent’ candidate Joko Widodo – Maruf Amin. Of the many examples, they mentioned hundreds of ballot boxes that had been cast in Malaysia and Boyolali, Central Java, which had been voted Widodo – Amin.

Evidence of the fraud, also in many other electoral districts throughout Indonesia, was handed over today by Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno winning team. The surrender was escorted by thousands of supporters who demanded that the election organizers resolve the case immediately or disqualify the participation of Widodo-Amin in the election.

Similar actions were carried out simultaneously in a number of regions throughout Indonesia. They simultaneously showed fraudulent elections carried out by the winning team and incumbent coalition parties. Even the fraudulent tactics, they claim, are carried out systematically before the election, on the voting day and after the voting such as the recapitulation data error.

They also called for irregularities in data entry from polling stations to be corrected, as their team was unfurled by a long list of charges against election authorities and incumbent Widodo that they said showed the “blatant and flagrant violation of basic norms of democracy”

The wide-ranging claims include the data entry error 73,000 polling stations so far, the irregularities in the official voter roll, the irregularities in the official vote, and the mobilization of Joko Widodo’ civil servants’ campaign efforts, as well as the use of state-owned enterprise to finance his campaign.

“What we are asking for is a correction of all the irregularities. We want an IT audit. It’s as simple as that. All these false entries must be corrected. That’s all we ask. If they correct this before the 22nd, it’s very easy. If they are serious, we have a lot of experts. We can get international experts. Just get a rational IT audit,” said Ferry Juliantono, a spokesman opposition team.

A comprehensive correction of irregularities that will show a commitment for a true and fair democratic process and an audit by an independent third party body acceptable to both camps would be reasonable, he said.

Opposition leader Subianto previously said that the solution to cheating was absolute to ensure the sustainability of the existence of democracy in Indonesia. He stressed that democracy with all its interests is only the office of peace in the political life of a country, and democracy is a sign of the maturity of a country ‘s development.

“A sign of maturity, civilization, without democracy, changes in power end with a physical approach and are often brutal and use violence. “This is what we always try to avoid,” he stressed while reminding that there is a system that is in existence in Indonesia existing provisions.

The former general affirmed his commitment to uphold democracy in Indonesia that is true, honest and fair, to change a system to be better in the future. He acknowledged that he and all Indonesian people could not accept the existing fraud to continue the existence of democracy in Indonesia.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: