Indonesian Opposition Calls for Election Fraud Settlement
Indonesian presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto and his opposition winning team gave press briefings on the theme: 2019 Elections: Proof of Fraud and What it Means For Indonesia's Democracy in Jakarta, Monday (05/6). Photo by TheInsiderStories.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian opposition leader, Prabowo Subianto, called for a fraud settlement of the 2019 presidential election which he said was very “structured, systematic and massive” for the sake of the future existence of Indonesian democracy.

“In essence, we are trying to explain to the citizens of the world and Indonesia of course, that we are experiencing elections with open fraud and proven to deviate from the norms of democracy,” he said during a dialogue with foreign media in Jakarta, on Monday (05/6).

On the occasion, the presidential candidate who was paired with Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno also explained that the massive fraud which was considered systemic was seen from the empowerment of police officers who were openly and government institutions such as intelligence services.

“And all this has been talked about a lot, giving us evidence, they are law enforcement agencies. We have a lot of evidence and reports. Ballot frauds like ballots that have been vetted before elections, for example, found in Malaysia, and later other things,” he added.

Subianto also called for irregularities in data entry from polling stations to be corrected, as his team was unfurled by a long list of charges against election authorities and incumbent Joko Widodo that he said showed the “blatant and flagrant violation of basic norms of democracy”

The wide-ranging claims include the data entry error 73,000 polling stations so far, the irregularities in the official voter roll, the irregularities in the official vote, and the mobilization of Joko Widodo’ civil servants’ campaign efforts, as well as the use of state-owned enterprise to finance his campaign.

“What we are asking for is a correction of all the irregularities. We want an IT audit. It’s as simple as that. All these false entries must be corrected. That’s all we ask. If they correct this before the 22nd, it’s very easy. If they are serious, we have a lot of experts. We can get international experts. Just get a rational IT audit.”

A comprehensive correction of irregularities that will show a commitment for a true and fair democratic process and an audit by an independent third party body acceptable to both camps would be reasonable, he said.

For all the long list of 2019 election frauds, he claimed to be concerned and doubted the existence of democracy in Indonesia in the future if similar practices were not resolved. Indonesia as the third largest democracy in the world, and chose democracy in 1998, he continued, should be preserved for the good and unity of national life.

“I will talk about what I often talk about in public and TV that democracy is the only system in the history of civilization up to now that can carry out a change of power peacefully, compared to other systems,” he noted.

He stressed that democracy with all its interests is the only guarantor of peace in the political life of a country, and democracy is a sign of the maturity of a country’s development.

“A sign of maturity, civilization, without democracy, changes in power usually end with a physical approach and are often brutal and use violence. This is what we always try to avoid,” he stressed while reminding that there are those who want to undermine the democratic system in Indonesia existing provisions.

The former general affirmed his commitment to uphold democracy in Indonesia that is true, honest and fair, to change a system to be better in the future. He acknowledged that he and all Indonesian people could not accept the existing fraud to ensure the continued existence of democracy in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Election Supervisory Agency is investigating the findings of two boxes containing C1 forms carried by car in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta on Monday. The ballot box was reported to have originated from Boyolali, Central Java.

The agency then revealed the number of C1 forms in each of these boxes. It is said that there are two boxes contains 2,001 C1 copies and 1,671 sheets of C1 form. “The white cardboard 2,006 C1 copies. The brown cardboard 1,671. That’s the print from the General Election Commission,” said the agency.

Reportedly, from the findings of the C1 form, opposition Subianto-Uno was the winner. But the results are different from the results on the election commission’s official website. The CEO of the opposition National Secretariat, M Taufik, questioned the discovery of thousands of C1 forms and revealed some irregularities.

“I want to reveal that we have never collected C1. So our Secretariat never gave or sent C1. Secondly, this incident happened on Saturday while the news was Monday,” he said at a press conference on Monday, insisting he had no interest in the existence of the form.

He also showed that the official Secretariat letterhead was different from what was found on the form. He was suspicious of this planning and reporting to undermine the credibility of the opposition.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: