Indonesia Holds Re-Election in Many Regions

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian Election Watch Agency said on Friday (04/26) it would announce several re-elections in various places. It said, the discovery of a number of violations and electoral fraud, both technical and administrative, as well as substantial, such as errors in vote counting, were the reasons for the organizers.

“Tomorrow we will announce the re-voting and we will go down to the region. There are 592 polling stations that will be repeated and some are running,” chairman of election supervisor Abhan told press today.

He said that most of the re-election regions spread in West Sumatra )around 100 polls), 91 polls in South Sulawesi, and others in South Sulawesi, Central Java, East Java, Nusa Tenggara, and Tangerang. Previously, as many as 1,511 polls in a number of regions had also been decided to conduct re-elections in the form of re-voting, follow-up voting, and subsequent voting.

“The total of the three types of voting that must be carried out again currently has reached 2,767. Of 2,767 that have been carried out as many as 1511,” added by the General Election Commission’ chairman Arief Budiman last Monday.

He added that from 1,511 polls, as many as 10 polls had held a repeat vote, 1,488 polls had conducted a follow-up vote and 13 polls had carried out further voting. He promised that re-election in the next one week would be completed.

Meanwhile, the cyber’ team of the National Committee to Elect Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno released a list of alleged findings of 2019 election fraud. Through these findings, the opposition considered the election tainted by structured, massive and systematic fraud.

“The 2019 election is the worst election since the Reformation era. Democracy with the principle of one man one vote was destroyed in an effort to gain power,” said the team spokesman Agus Muhammad Maksum in Jakarta on Friday.

The opposition claims many find facts that show that the democratic process through elections is run abnormally. Small children cast lots of ballots, the rest of the ballots were punched as they wished until the ballots were punched. Most violations occur such as represented voting, registered voters but move places but not followed by A5 letter.

The opposition also found a storage location for the ballot box that violated the operational standard procedure, the involvement of official elements in the election administration, massive fraud in various provinces, the involvement of unscrupulous officials in this fraudulent process.

“The original concealment of C1 and replace it with a photocopy of C1 and many more modes are carried out as it has circulated widely in the community,” explained Maksum.

In an effort to present quality elections, the opposition has held a formal audience about 7 times to the General Election Commission. The main objective of the hearing was to discuss the potential of existing problems, especially related to the unnatural voter list data.

He revealed, there were around 17,553,708 who were born from the same 3 dates, such as July 1, Dec. 31 and Jan. 1. In addition, there are many multiple data, a family card with lots of family members, hundreds of thousands of voters over 90 years, and 20,000 more under the age of 17.

For a number of frauds, some groups proposed the formation of an independent fact-finding team to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the election. The proposal came from Lokataru Foundation Executive Director Haris Azhar. This team will contain a combination of institutions to investigate allegations of fraud throughout the 2019 Election stage.

The proposal was fully supported by the opposition. The Coordinator of the Subianto – Uno’ spokesman, Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak, assessed the proposed formation of the team as intelligent. However, he wanted the team to only contain elements of society so as not to be biased.

Subianto’ running mate, Uno, also supported the formation of the independent team because it was considered to help the task of the Election Supervisory Board and the General Election Commission in dismantling fraud. Election organizers can later follow up on existing reports. He considered the team could help find out the causes of the 2019 Election process which resulted in 119 officers died.

“The results of the evaluation can help fix the election process in the future. Moreover, the current election budget is very large. So a credible approach must be taken,” he said.

The Election Commission himself admitted that the commission would not hinder the possibility of forming a fact-finding team suspected of election fraud. The commission stated that it was up to the community or those who had the idea.

“We are open. If anyone feels disadvantaged, wants to form a team, or what, please,” said election commissioner Hasyim Asyari.

He noted the commission would be coordinating with the independent team, ready to provide information and open all data if needed so that the alleged violations in question became clear.

“What is the decision later, it will be submitted to the election commission. In principle, if there are parties who object or submit a violation, we will follow the procedure as it is, he concluded.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: