Indonesian opposition candidates Prabowo Subianto - Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno asked all parties to oversee the process of calculation, tabulation and votes input that was taking place at the General Election Commission - Photo by TheInsiderStories

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian opposition candidates Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno asked all parties to oversee the process of calculation, tabulation and votes input that was taking place at the General Election Commission (GEC). The appealed to ensure the election results were transparent, honest, fair and dignified.

“People have the right to receive the election results that are honest, fair and have integrity. Therefore we ask all elements, especially our supporters, to continue guarding this process. Our struggle is not yet finished, ” said the vice presidential candidate at a press conference in Jakarta on Monday (04/22).

He and Subianto struggle was not a matter of winning or losing contestation but to bring justice to a prosperous of Indonesia, added by Uno. The former deputy governor of Jakarta also stated that the opposition’ commitment to fighting Indonesia’ democracy that is increasingly qualified, respectful, non-interference, honest, fair and free from fraud.

“We fight for the voices of the people who want a change in economic conditions. We meet them in around 1800 points throughout Indonesia, the message of their change is what we continue to strive for,” he noted.

While inviting all opposition volunteers throughout Indonesia to continue to fight to guard the vote count, Uno also gave a classification of the viral news hoax related to the breakdown of its relationship with Subianto. He stressed the solidarity of the opposition team in guarding the vote counting process and fighting for change in Indonesia.

Uno was not present at the declaration of opposition victory on April 17 because of illness. At that time Subianto was only accompanied by a number of opposition winning teams and claimed a vote of 62 percent based on internal quick counts.

This figure is different from the results of the quick count of pollsters that favor incumbents in the range of 54-55 percent compared to 44-45 percent belonging to the opposition.

On this claim of victory, Subianto was later reported to the police on the basis of accusations of spreading false news that could cause confusion. Ikatan Masyarakat Peduli Indonesia (IMPI) reported Subianto on Monday.

“Subianto is alleged to have deliberately spread false news that he has obtained 62 percent of votes based on a real count of 320 thousand polling stations in the evening after the voting, which has the potential to cause friction in the community,” said Ade Armando, IMPI’ spokesman in Jakarta, yesterday.

But this report was immediately ignored by the police because the official decision about the election had not yet come out. In response to this, opposition’ communication and media director, Hashim Djojohadikusumo, assured his brother Subianto that he would not take unconstitutional steps as long as the authorities carried out constitutional measures.

“If they take constitutional steps, the opposition will take the same steps. It’s a clear statement from us,” he said firmly.

He even highlighted the work of unprofessional election organizers regarding 17.5-18.8 million invalid voters delivered up to three days before the voting. The unfinished problem is claimed to have harmed the opposition.

“We are concerned that the quick count figure of 17.5 million names is from 182 million voter lists (9 percent of total voters). As of April 17, it has not been completed. People need to be aware that this problem still arises. It has been proven in Bangkalan and we have told the GEC that all names and dates of birth are the same,” Djojohadikusumo said.

Meanwhile, the incumbents who were initially committed to waiting for the GEC’ official announcement, on Thursday and Friday declared a victory based on the results of a quick count of survey institutions. Widodo revealed the results compiled by 12 pollsters showed he had taken 54.5 percent of votes based on quick counts of almost 100 percent of votes.

“From the experience of past elections [quick counts have] 99 percent accuracy [and are] almost the same as the real count,” said Widodo, before adding that Indonesia needs to wait for the electoral commission’s official results expected next month.

The quick counts he cited, which are based on samples of votes from polling stations across Indonesia, have correctly forecast the outcome of previous votes.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: