Prabowo Subianto sent a signal ready to join Joko Widodo coalition in the Gerindra Party' National Working Meeting in Bogor, yesterday (10/16) - Photo by Gerindra Party

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The opposition leader Prabowo Subianto sent a signal ready to join Joko Widodo coalition in the Gerindra Party‘ National Working Meeting in Bogor, yesterday (10/16). While, his former partner during 2019 presidential election, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno return as the vice chairman of the party.

General secretary of the party, Ahmad Muzani, said the the chairman would convey the decision together with Widodo without specify further when they will announce it. In the front of thousand cadres, said the spokesperson Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak, there were three main political attitudes conveyed by Subianto.

First, he conveyed the concepts related to “Big Push Strategy” to drive the country’ economy, with a strong spirit in food security, energy, defense and security.¬†Secondly, he also invited Widodo to use the concept with or without his party and himself.

Third, Subianto decided to keep the harmony of the life of the nation and state by staying in touch and communicating for deliberation to reach consensus for the interests of the nation.

“In the meeting Mr. Prabowo said that I had met with Mr. Jokowi. I have conveyed the concept of a big push strategy. It is up to Mr. Jokowi whether to use it or not,” said Simanjuntak.

Two days ago Subianto has meet Widodo at the State Palace and held a political safari by meeting with the chairman of Nasdem Party, Surya Paloh, chairman of the Kebangkitan Bangsa Party, Muhaimin Iskandar and chairman of Golkar Party, Airlangga Hartarto.

His step was seen by some observers as a form of “sowan” (permission) to the parties that formed a coalition in the Widodo government. Its estimated Gerindra is eyeing the positions of defense, agriculture, and state Own enterprises ministry.

On the Uno’ comeback, political observer Hendri Satrio, revealed the re-entry of him in preparation for regeneration within the Gerindra Party. According to him, Uno was suitable to become the chairman of the second largest party in Indonesia.

“Sandiaga should return to Gerindra to become the Chairperson, the phase is there. I’m sure Mr. Prabowo is thinking about regeneration. The right regeneration is Sandiaga Uno,” explained Hendri.

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