New 737 MAX 10 Airplane - Photo by Boeing
JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) — Civil lawsuit against Boeing 737 Max 8 manufacturer, Boeing Company has been registered Friday, in United States (US) district court, over Lion Air JT-610 PK-LQP crash. The lawsuit filed by the victim’s family, through Chicago-based Wisner Law Firm.
The lawyer stated that there was an inaccurate information inflicted plane to slid down dangerously, with no method for the crew to handle the falling command manually. Boeing 737 Max 8 is allegedly improper and dangerous, according to law firm.
The plane has flight control feature that was inaccurate in detecting high angle of attack, as it would order swooping movements without authorization from the crew or giving prior notice. The sensor is considered failing and giving inaccurate flight control system information over the angle of attack.
Thus, flight manual didn’t inform the danger would happen from the damages. The law firm questioned how could this happen to a new plane. Floyd Wisner stated, family victims deserve proper compensation over the crash grief.
“It is clear that the Boeing plane accident, and this incident had caused immeasurable suffering to the families of the victims, not to mention the huge burden that many people had to bear,” said the lawyer.
He suggested investigators to prioritize transparency during the investigation process. Wisner hoped that if there is any damage found from the plane, victims family should be first one to know so it can helped them during recovery process.
He, who previously also represented family victims in Air Asia 8501 in 2014 and Aviastar 7503 in 2015, said that relatives cannot be underestimated by airline insurance guarantor. He explained that Indonesia’s regulation limit the damage to Rp1.25 billion (US$85.03 million) in domestic flights.
But the limitation isn’t applicable to Boeing or any component manufacturers. Lion Air vowed to give insurance coverage money for Rp1.3 billion each, next Tuesday (11/27), to the heirs of the victims crash. Total, Lion Air poured Rp245 billion to all victims’ relatives.
Lion Air JT-610 fell on Karawang waters, West Java, 13 minutes after took off, on Oct. 29. The airplane carried 181 passengers and 8 crews.
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