Lion Air orders 50 Boeing 737 for US$6.2 billion

Lion Air Fleet - Photo by Boeing

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Lion Air Group, Indonesian budget airlines and Boeing [NYSE: BA] announced a commitment for 50 737 MAX 10 airplanes at the 2017 Paris Air Show, said the company in written statement. The valued of the deal approximately US$6.24 billion.

“The 737 MAX family of airplanes is the perfect combination of single-aisle aircraft for the Lion Air Group, with their new level fuel-efficiency as well as range and capacity capabilities,” said Lion Air Group’s President Edward Sirait.

He added, the Lion Air was first in the world to put the 737 MAX 8 into service and the first to order the 737 MAX 9, and will continue to lead the way again with this commitment for 50 737 MAX 10s and help launch the latest version of the 737.

The Lion Air Group is one of the world’s largest Next-Generation 737 operators and previously ordered 201 MAXs. The airline is also the launch customer of the 737 MAX 9 and its subsidiary, Malaysia-based Malindo Air was the first airline to take delivery and operate the 737 MAX 8 in commercial service.

“Boeing is honored that the 737 family of airplanes continues to play an integral role in the Lion Air Group’s fleet and growth strategy and we look forward to delivering both the 737 MAX 9 and MAX 10 to them in the coming years,” said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Kevin McAllister.

Currently, Lion Air is set to offer a new service between Jakarta and Chennai, India on July 10 to attract more Indian tourists to the archipelago. The upcoming flights will operate once a day and transit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Edward expect, this new service will allow Indian tourists to enjoy easier access to explore Indonesia and at the same time also support the government’s program of attracting as many foreign tourists as possible. To continue facilitate customers by providing access to new destinations through the air on May 18, the flight carriers also adding new domestic flights.

Lion Air currently operates Boeing 737-900ER aircraft, Boeing 737-800NG, Boeing 747-400, and Airbus A330-300 aircraft. The company received the Boeing 737-900ER in April 2007. Lion Air is the first user of Boeing hybrid fleet in Asia.

Lion Air then took 15 other B737-900ER shipments in December 2008 which the entire aircraft was configured for economy class with a total of 215 seats per aircraft. And to date Lion Air has 71 units of Boeing 737-900ER aircraft.

After experiencing the efficiency of fuel usage on the Boeing 737-900ER aircraft type, Lion Air also tried the Boeing 737-800NG aircraft type that has been in use since 2012. Lion Air’s Boeing 737-800NG aircraft has a single class configuration and is capable of carrying 189 passengers person.

Until now, Lion Air has 32 units of Boeing 737-800NG aircraft. With the latest addition of the Boeing 737-800NG to the Lion Air fleet, it allows airlines to offer more non-stop flights at affordable rates to many destinations.

In addition to small-bodied aircraft, Lion Air also has Boeing 747-400 aircraft which is the first largest fleet owned by Lion Air. Bring in 2009, the plane, also known as Jumbo Jet, has four engines and can fly at a speed of 0.85 mach or 909 kilometers per hour and is capable of flying with a maximum distance of 13,570 km to 15,000 km.

Lion Air currently has two Boeing 747-400 aircraft, and the aircraft can carry 506 passengers.

Lion Air’s latest big aircraft fleet is the Airbus A330-300. This large aircraft uses a Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engine and is configured in a single class that can carry as many as 440 passengers. Coming in November 2015, Lion Air has 3 units of Airbus A330-300 aircraft.

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