Lion Air’s Machine Damage Before Falling in Karawang

With Tears in His Eyes, Head of BASARNAS M. Syaugi Said Didn't Give Up Looking for Lion Air Victims - Photo by Youtube

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) said Lion Air JT 610’s engine has damaged on the last four flights before crashed in Karawang waters, in West Java. The plane breaks when it touches water when engine still on, which is indicated by a compressor that we find alive and with a high RPM.

“In the last four flights we found there is a damage on the air speed indicator,” said the Head of NTSC Soerjanto in a press statement at his office today (5/11).

He continued, this fact was discovered after the NTSC downloaded data stored in a flight data recorder (FDR), which had been found by an search and rescue (SAR) team on Nov. 1. Soerjanto said, the FDR duration of flight data for 69 hours, with 19 flights, and 1,790 parameters, before finally falling in Karawang waters.

For this reason, he added, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Boeing from United States (US) took action to prevent similar problems in similar aircraft 2000 throughout the world.

“We are asking for data, studying the previous pilot and repairing data from the airline technician. Joined with Boeing and NTSB we detailing the damage of the air speed indicator on the last four flights,” explained Soerjanto.

He added, when the plane touches the water at a very high speed, that’s why there are many plane debris in the water. Then, the plane breaks when it touches water in this state of life which is indicated by a compressor that we find alive and with a high RPM.

Furthermore, Soerjanto said, the newly discovered FDR and CVR are still sought.

“Assisted by the US government, Australia, Singapore and Saudi Arabia, we have successfully downloaded FDR data. A black box containing 69 hours of flight data consisting of 19 flights. At this time, we are verifying, we are analyzing. Hopefully CVR can be found soon but with the data we will try to find the cause of the JT 610 Lion Air accident,” he stated.

While for cockpit voice recorder searches, he said, it would continue as much as possible, even though the search and rescue (SAR) operations were closed.

“We really need information at the CVR. For the sake of completeness of the investigation, we will try to find with all efforts. Even though we will not find it later, we will process the data,” said Soerjanto.

On Nov. 1, NTSC stated that they had received a portion of the black box. The initial report of the inspection is expected to be issued one month after the accident occurred on Monday (29/10).

“Based on the rules we have to issue a preliminary report in the form of data and facts one month after the accident. Legally we are given a wake up for a year to conduct an investigation,” said Deputy Chief of KNK Chairaryo Satmiko last week.

He explained in the initial report that will be delivered is factual information in the form of sequence of events, operators that manage their aircraft, flight crew data, meteorological data, and airfield data from which the aircraft was flown.

He added, related to the occurrence of lost contact Boeing 737 MAX 8 PK-LQP aircraft operated by PT Lion Mentari Airlines as JT-610 flights from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta to Depati Amir Airport, Pangkal Pinang, NTSC in collaboration with NTSB, Boeing, Federal Aviation Federation and GE Electric.

Meawhile Head of the National SAR Agency (BASARNAS) M. Syaugi explained in the front of the passenger’s family, JT 610 loss contacted at 06.50 a.m. 30 minutes after that accident the SAR team sent four ships to the accident location not far from Pakis beach, in Karawang.

The personnel involved 1,327 peoples, including 133 reliable divers from all agencies to evacuate victims and the airplane debris. There are 5 helicopters, 61 ships and fishing boats, ambulances. 4 ships are equipped with advanced equipment in the water depth, he added.

The searching mechanism, Syaugi said, are with three ways through air, water surface and underwater. So far, he continued, the team has sent 138 body bags to the National Police Hospital, found the FDR and parts and debris from the aircraft.

Starting today, he added, the SAR team is expanding the search area 15 kilometers from the location. CVR searchers continued for the next three days until Nov. 7.