The Search and Rescue of Lion Air JT-610 Continues to Find Cockpit Voice Recorder and Other Bodies - Photo: Special
JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) — Indonesian flight carrier Lion Air JT-610 search and rescue operation after its crash, Monday (29/10) extended to three days until Wednesday (7/11). This time, the search and rescue personnel added from 869 to 1,396, and prepared Five helicopters and 69 ships are used for the operation.
The JT-610, with 189 people on-board, fell 13 minutes after take-off. Black box’s Flight Data Recorder found last October. Then, plane turbine found on Nov. 3rd. Now the team is still searching Cockpit Voice Recorder part which signal already detected by ping locator.
So far, 138 body bags sent to National Police Hospital in Jakarta. Among those, 14 bodies have been identified by police Disaster Victim Identification.
Move to Indonesian migrant worker, Mattari (40), who received death penalty from Malaysian court. He was then released from the stubbed out sentence, on Nov. 2nd, after judge decision to dismiss amount to acquittal, considering of weak evidence.
Mattari—a construction worker—arrested in December 2016, for allegedly murdered a Bangladeshi man. Police assumed that Mattari was jealous of the witness’ wife.
During 2011-2018, 437 Indonesians received death penalty in Malaysia. From those, 301 can be released. Now, there are still 136 people facing death penalty.
Meanwhile, Organizations working for the defense of human rights and migrant workers have condemned the execution of the death sentence against Tuti Tursilawati, an Indonesian migrant worker from Majalengka. They demanded the Indonesian government to reject all Saudi Arabian diplomatic envoys for Indonesia.
This week, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting will be held on Nov. 7 to 8, a day after United States midterm election. Fed fund rate is expected to remains until December meeting. Besides United States, respectively central banks meeting of Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia will also be running this week.
Meanwhile, China’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) is under pessure, over trade wars with United States. Also, there are busy calendar ahead for third quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) announcement. Indonesia and Philippines GDP growth are expected to slow down, theN United Kingdom is estimated growing steady amid Brexit controversy.
In financial market, Indonesian Rupiah gained strength after dropped to its lowest point since 1998. Stocks market was also blown by its fresh sentiment with foreign net buy increase. Jakarta Composite Index closed with 1.26 percent surge to 5,906.29, by the end of last week.
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