Condemned the Execution of Tuti Tursilawati, Massa Holds Action in Front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Organizations working for the defense of human rights and migrant workers have condemned the execution of the death sentence against Tuti Tursilawati, an Indonesian migrant worker from Indonesia. They demanded the Indonesian government to reject all Saudi Arabian diplomatic envoys for the country.

“We demand the Indonesian government to Persona non-Grata Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia,” said Anis Hidayah, Migrant Care Executive Director representing the group of organizations, through a written statement on Friday (02/11).

According to this organization group, the execution of Tursilawati who was a victim of sexual violence was the most basic form of human rights violation. Namely, the right to life. They also considered that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had degrading women in this case.

On that basis, they also urged the Indonesian government to review the trial of the shipment of 30,000 Indonesian migrant workers to Saudi Arabia. The Indonesian government is also expected to be more serious in seeking the release of hundreds of migrant workers who are threatened with capital punishment throughout the world.

As a moral consequence against the death penalty, this group of organizations also asked the government to carry out a moratorium on capital punishment in Indonesia.

“Immediately complete the migration governance reform through the establishment of rules for the derivation of Law Number 18 of 2017 concerning the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers,” Hidayah said.

In addition to Migrant Care, joining this group include the Women’s Ship, the Network of Migrant Workers, the Communion of Indonesian Churches, the Human Rights Working Group, KontraS, and Amnesty International Indonesia.

There are also UI, JPIC Good Shepherd Students, Indonesia Migrant Union, Indonesia for Humanity, YAPESDI, KSBSI, Indonesian Labor Institute, Jala PRT, SPRT Sapulidi, Indonesian Peace Leader, ICJR, and Indonesian Women’s Coalition.

Furthemore are LBH Jakarta, LBH Masyarakat, BMI Guard, Popular Youth, Community Academy, Suara Kita Association, DKI Jakarta Women’s School, KSPSI, FTKI Sarbumusi, Permampu, WALHI, HWDI, LPBH FAS, Bandung Women’s Institute, and Gusdurian network.

Other Indonesian migrant worker, Mattari (40), who received death penalty from Malaysian court. He was then released from the stubbed out sentence, on Nov. 2nd, after judge decision to dismiss amount to acquittal, considering of weak evidence.
Mattari—a construction worker—arrested in December 2016, for allegedly murdered a Bangladeshi man. Police assumed that Mattari was jealous of the witness’ wife.
During 2011-2018, 437 Indonesians received death penalty in Malaysia. From those, 301 can be released. Now, there are still 136 people facing death penalty.
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