Morning Briefing: Thousands Indonesian Workers Rally Today

Indonesian government has sent the controversial  Omnibus Law on job creation to parliament last week, marking a labor reforms that are intended to seduce investors and accelerated the economic growth - Photo by President Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Thousands Indonesian workers rally today to voices “Honest and Peaceful Labor & Democracy Welfare”. Presidential candidates Prabowo Subianto planned to attend and give speech at the May Day celebration in Central Jakarta.

The workers demand are rejected cheap wages, revoke presidential decree concerning Wages, increase Decent Life Needs, remove outsourcing numbers, increase the Benefits of Health Insurance & Pension Insurance, also Lower Basic Electricity Rates & Prices of Basic Foods.

Then they urged government to increase the Welfare and Income of Honorary Teachers as well as online taxi driver, enforce honest, fair & peaceful democracy, especially in determination of new Indonesian President 2019 – 2024, and Upright Democracy Called to the Laborers To escort C1 Form at the General Election Commission (GEC) of each region.

Then, an economist Destry Damayanti was proposed by President Joko Widodo to be the sole candidate for Senior Deputy Governor position at Bank Indonesia. Destry will replace Mirza Adityaswara, whose term expires in July 2019.

Chairman of the House of Representatives Bambang Soesatyo confirmet has received the letter from the government last week. He said the House of Representatives will begin discussing the nomination after May 7.

Adityaswara appointed as Senior Deputy Governor of BI based on Presidential Decree Number 62 Year 2014 in the second period after served the job for the period 2013 – 2014. Damayanti currently serves as a member of the Deposit Insurance Agency Commissioner. She earned a Bachelor of Economics degree.

While, IT Volunteer Group on the National Committee to Elect Prabowo-Sandi will submit a report on May 1 – 2 to the Election Supervisory Body and the GEC that notes thousands of incorrect data entries into the agency’ vote counting platform. The report is expected to push the watchdog election and others to review and take concrete steps to address the matter.

The team said found 9,440 incorrect data entry on GEC’ real count website during the period of April 27 to 29. The team observed data from 172,174 polling stations out of 404,290, which is 42 percent of the total polling stations across Indonesia. Out of all the data observed, 6 percent of them were incorrect.

Most mistakes were found in West Java (764 polling stations, 8 percent of total mistakes), Central Java (706 polling stations, 7.4 percent of total mistakes) and East Java (385 polling stations, 4 percent of total mistakes.

The spokespersons coordinator Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak said that KPU’s data entry inaccuracies is a very serious matter. He strongly demands such actions to be executed in the hopes of ensuring high-quality democracy and eliminating doubts on the system and on the technicalities surrounding post-election activities.

Yesterday, Rupiah weaken to level 14,204.30 compared to US Dollar from prior day at 14,198. While the Jakarta Composite Index closed up 0.46 percent or 29.48 points to 6,455.35.

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Written by Linda Silaen and TIS Intelligence Team, Please Read Our Insight to Get More information about Indonesia