Indonesian Election: Opposition Cyber Team Finds 9,440 Calculation System Errors
Opposition Cyber Team when presenting their findings at a press conference in Jakarta, on Monday (04/29). Photo by TheInsiderStories.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – This year’ Indonesian Workers Day commemoration is interesting because it coincides with the General Election. Even more special, this May 1 is right at the time of the presidential election results.

With the many findings of vote counting errors in the General Election Commission that harm one of the camps, this year’ May Day demonstration has the potential to be aided by political interests.

Perhaps because of this situation a few days ago President Joko Widodo specifically met with President Konfederasi Serikat Pekerja Seluruh Indonesia (KSPI) Said Iqbal and others. Iqbal admitted that the meeting was quite familiar and nothing was too special apart from conveying the demands of the workers about the increase in wages.

The special thing happened after the meeting when he stated on Monday that the commemoration this time would be attended by opposition leader Prabowo Subianto and he could stage for a speech. Indeed KSPI is an organization that openly supports the former general in the 2019 Presidential Election.

The demonstration which will be attended by thousands workers has the potential to realize the agenda of the “people power” movement that has been proclaimed by senior democracy fighters Amien Rais, opposition supporters. This movement gained momentum on this May Day, after it was previously difficult to implement.

During the vote counting period the police explicitly forbade demonstrations or mass gatherings involving many people. The “212 alumni” who had previously wanted to hold an opposition victory event were also limited to being allowed to carry out activities in Subianto’ house in Kertanegara with limited space.

The police had anticipated this by not giving permission for the demonstration in front of the State Palace but were concentrated at Tennis Indoor Senayan, in Central Jakarta. The police have also prepared security. A total of 26,500 joint personnel were deployed to escort workers who marched.

But the people power movement could potentially occur, after the opposition cyber team announced the results of 9,440 input errors applied by the General Election Commission (GEC) vote counting system. The website for the last three days, April 27 – 29.

They will submit a report to the election administrators that notes thousands of incorrect data entries into election commission’s vote counting platform. The report is expected to push Election Watch and other responsible authorities to review and take concrete steps to address the matter, the Cyber Team Coordinator Mustofa Nahrawardaya said yesterday.

Previously, the team found 9,440 incorrect data entry on election commission’s real count website during the period of April 27 to Apr. 29, 2019. The team observed data from 172,174 polling stations out of 404,290, which is 42 percent of the total polls across Indonesia. Out of all the data observed, 6 percent of them were incorrect.

The findings were consistent over the three-day inspection, and no changes were made for such inaccuracies. Most mistakes were found in West Java (764 polls, 8 percent of total mistakes), Central Java (706 polls, 7.4 percent of total mistakes) and East Java (385 polls, 4 percent of total mistakes).

The opposition team’ findings are in line with the reports of a number of monitoring organizations (KoDe Inisiatif, Mata Rakyat Indonesia, Kornas JPPR, KIPP Indonesia, dan SPD) in the 2019 election which found 708 problems in the ballot counting recapitulation process. The findings are based on the results of their direct monitoring of 26,802 polls (32.3 percent) and other media reports as of April 25.

KoDe Initiative researcher, Ihsan Maulana, said various problems were found starting from the form C1 to the ballot box. Of the 708 findings, the most findings related to C1 were swapped as many as 218 findings, C1 was input wrong with the number of findings 196, there were no C1 151, and C1 was unclear/opaque/folded with 106 findings.

Secretary of Mata Rakyat Indonesia, Bayu Adi Permana, explained further about the number of errors found in that amount. In the case of a change in C1, he said that the exchanged C1 had many deficiencies in its parts such as only the news, the witness signature or only the first page of the official certificate.

Then, he also explained about C1 input errors. The error, he continued, lies in the input process. Not the C1 that was wrong. He also said that it received five findings related to the problem of missing, unlocked or unsealed ballot boxes.

National Coordinator of Jaringan Pendidikan Pemilih Rakyat, Alwan Ola Riantoby, assessed that one of the causes of the various problems was the lack of knowledge of the committee in each poll regarding electoral techniques. There is also a factor of fatigue of officers when recapitulating the results of ballot counting.

Researchers from Sindikasi Pemilu dan Demokrasi, Erik Kurniawan, added various of these problems also occur because there are too many data inputted during the recapitulation process. On that basis, he considered the election organizers need to make these various issues a record in evaluating the recapitulation process.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: