One Islamic Recitation Forum in Indonesia - Photo by Religion Ministry

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – A non-formal Islamic recitation forum, also called majelis taklim in Indonesia, is considered having big influence to election voters, according to PolMark Indonesia’s national survey held since 2013. Not largest Islamic organization such as Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) or Muhammadiyah, added by the agency.

According to CEO of Polmark Indonesia, Eep Saefullah, surveys held during that period of time, resulted majelis taklim as a broader forum to reaches voters, by 34.5 percent. While, NU only coverage 29.9 percent voters whilst Muhammadiyah 6.6 percent, he added.

“Grassroots level in majelis taklim is the bigger social network compared to NU and Muhammadiyah,” he said on Thursday (18/10).
Furthermore, 42 surveys held in provincial level this year outcome that on average, there are 40.7 percent respondents involved in recitation forum. Higher than NU that involves 34.2 percent respondents and Muhammadiyah 6.7 percent.
In Muslim majority places, majelis taklim can reach more than one-third of voters.
Saefulloh suggested the election candidates to not underestimate recitation froum, cause in fact, it has big constituent in terms of contributing electoral victory.
Majelis taklim is considered effective in gathering worshipers, due to the independence of Indonesian voters is relatively high,” he explained.
This high niche market of recitation forum is caused by its heterogeneous
congregation that consist of people from several organizations. Even NU and Muhammadiyah members also join majelis taklim. Whereas, it’s a small possibility NU members also join Muhammadiyah, and vice versa, he said.
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