The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry initiated the National Export Movement at the Trade Expo Indonesia in Tangerang, Banten - Photo by KADIN

Serpong (TheInsiderStories) – The purchasing mission program managed to record a trade contract of US$4.96 billion at the 33rd Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI). Indonesia targeting to book

This trade contract is marked with the signing of 44 agreements witnessed by the Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita and Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi on Wednesday (24/10).

An international TEI held in Tangerang, Banten since Oct. 24th to 28th. More than a thousand Indonesian companies participated in the exhibition. Around 68 trade agreements valued $5.19 billion will be signed during the exhibition, Lukita said.
The value consists of $513.97 million trade and $4.68 billion investment. South Korea, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, United States, and many other countries are expected to tie the trading knot with Indonesia in this event.
So far there are 8,318 buyers from 124 countries registered. Biggest buyers are from Nigeria, Malaysia, China, Japan, and India also attended the event.

He added, the signing of the MoU was carried out by Indonesian exporters with 33 importers from 17 countries namely South Korea, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, France and Austria, China, Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, Thailand, Chile, Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Philippines and Brazil.

“The products that are in demand include furniture, food and drinks, seafood, investment in technology and industrial sites, footwear, chemicals and spices,” he said.

KADIN Launches National Export Movement

In line with the government program to boost national exports, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry today initiated the National Export Movement to produce 100,000 new exporters until 2030.

“We hope that new exporters will emerge, so that there is a diversification of products or markets for Indonesian export goods to non-traditional countries as well as entering traditional markets, including the United States and China,” said the Chairman Rosan Perkasa Roeslani at TEI event on Thursday (25/10).

During the TEI event, he added, there will be at least 19 countries that will hold bilateral meetings with the association such as South Africa, Bahrain, Pakistan, Alzajair, Bosnia, Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Colombia, Malaysia, Oman, Turkey , Bulgaria, Krosia, Romania and Russia.

In addition, the organization of South American countries, Mercosur is also scheduled to hold a meeting.

“We hope that the cooperation that has been explored can also open easier access for Indonesian exporters, so that the objectives of the National Export Movement can be achieved as we both hope,” concluded Roeslani.

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