Indonesia' ride-hailing and food delivery operator, GoJek, officially launched its application in Thailand starting Sept. 16 - Photo by TheInsiderStories.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia’ ride-hailing and food delivery operator, GoJek, officially launched its application in Thailand starting Sept. 16, said the CEO. The company actually has been operating in the neighboring country under the brand “Get” since December 2018.

The Gojek Thailand provides three services namely food delivery, motorbike rides and couriers. There are 50,000 drivers and 30,000 food merchant partners in the Bangkok area. In the virtual launched, the provider said its target to balance the ratio of users in the Indonesian and the international market.

GoJek also hopes to continue their growth in Thailand, both in terms of capital investment and the technology. According to the co-CEO, Andre Soelistyo in the virtual conference on Wednesday, the decacorn wants their services in Thailand user ratio in Indonesia and the international market balance.

Last July, Get has announced, that it would unify its application under GoJek brand, as part of the company’ long-term strategy to increase the penetration, as well as encourage the innovation for customers in the Thai market. This step is also part of the startup plan to unite its local unit in Southeast Asian with the existing brand.

Before enter Thai, Gojek had operates in Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam. However, the two previous countries Gojek operated with local brands. In Vietnam used GoViet brand before re-launched as the operator brand on August 5.

The co-CEO, Kevin Aluwi, said he has a vision Gojek to get half of its revenue from international market. While, Soelistyo added, that Gojek has operated in 215 cities in the region with more than 170 million downloads, two million driver partners and 500,000 merchant partners, with 96 percent of them are small medium enterprises.

Last June, two American giants, Facebook Inc., (NasdaQ: FB) and Paypal Holdings Inc., have joined other global tech players like Google, Tencent and other investors involved in the GoJek fundraised. This new investment will support the digital firm’ mission to boost its business to Southeast Asian market, with a focus on supporting payments and financial services.

Facebook’ investment is the first it has made in an Indonesia-based business as it seeks to create new opportunities for businesses in the country, including through its ubiquitous Whatsapp service. Matt Idema, chief operating officer at WhatsApp, said GoJek, WhatsApp and Facebook are indispensable services in Indonesia.

“Working together we can help bring millions of small businesses and the customers they serve into the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia,” he said in an official statement released today (06/03).

The statement said, as part of its commercial agreement, PayPal’ payment capabilities will be integrated into Gojek’ services and the two companies will also collaborate to allow customers of a digital wallet provider, GoPay, to gain access to PayPal’ network of more than 25 million merchants around the world.

Last March, GoJek also had received US$1.2 billion, bringing total funding for its F-Series round to almost $3 billion. The provider has raised a total funding $4.5 billion over nine rounds and will use the funds to expand the domestic businesses and enter the Southeast Asian market.

The latest influx of funding will support more of its payments business, GoPay, that has long been focused on increasing access to the digital economy among micro, small and medium enterprises. Since launching its app in 2015, GoJek has digitized hundreds of thousands of merchants on its platform, providing them with access to more than 170 million users across Southeast Asia.

Its payments business processes billions of transactions each year and owns the largest e-wallet in Indonesia. While, a large part of this is driven by GoFood as well as the expansion of GoPay into other sectors both within and outside the Gojek ecosystem.

GoJek was first established in Indonesia in 2009 as a call center to connect consumers to courier delivery and two-wheeled ride-hailing services. Gojek launched its application in 2015 with only four services: GoRide, GoSend, GoShop, and GoFood. Valued at $10 billion today, Gojek has transformed into a Super App, providing more than 20 services.

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