Indonesia military and Free Papuan Rebel Fires in Nduga Papua - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Amid the issue of Papuan independence being fought in the international forum, the gun contact was taken place again by the armed criminal group and Indonesia military in Nduga District, Papua, on Monday (01/28).

The incident caused one members of the Indonesian military was killed and another injured. Local security authorities explained, the chronology of the shooting began when military members were in charge of securing Mapenduma Field, Nduga District in West Papua.

At that time, there was a plane that would be landing and taking off from the airport. Its reported, both of them were suddenly shootout from the direction of the height around the Mapenduma Field.

“Both of them were carrying out security at the end of the runway and were shot at by a group suspected of being the leader of Egianus Kogoya,” Lieutenant Colonel Dax Sianturi said in Jayapura quoted by Associated Press.

The shooting in Nduga district began in December 2018. At that time dozens of workers on the Trans Papua bridge construction project from PT Istaka Karya were killed in a mass shooting claimed by the military wing of the Free Papuan Movement (FPM).

A member of military personnel was killed in the shooting. For this incident the Trans Papua development project was stopped.

The Indonesian government reacted. A joint Indonesia military and Police team was formed to pursue this rebels group. Some have been detained, but many are still hiding in the forest.

Those who managed to escape from this pursuit occasionally emerged and resisted military officers. A shootout took place on Wednesday (01/9), a member of rebels died. Attacking each other on Friday (01/18), the rebels succeeded in shooting a military officer on duty.

Local security authorities ensured the armed members motive for separating from Indonesia. They demanded that the Indonesian government be given the right to self-determination. Even Dec.1 was designated as the day of the declaration of Papuan independence.

Although currently the Indonesian government is promoting infrastructure development in Papua plus pouring special autonomy funds of Rp7 trillion (US$496.45 million) in 2017, the vote of the Papuan referendum continues to reverb.

Internationalization of the issue of Papua in various world and regional forums continues. One of them was the submission of a petition about a referendum which was claimed to be signed by 1.8 million Papuans to the Chair of the United Nation Human Rights Council on Friday (01/25).

  “Today is a historic day for me and my people. I have submitted what I consider to be the skeleton of the Papuan people, because many people have been killed, “said Benny Wenda, leader of the independent pro-Papua group, in Geneva, Switzerland.

He added, under the Indonesian government, Papuans did not have the freedom of opinion, expression and assembly. He considered the only way to get freedom was with a petition signed by nearly three-quarters of the total 2.5 million Papuans.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: