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JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The Presidential candidate Joko Widodo – Ma’ruf Amin has offered optimism and fair for the Indonesia future. While, Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno won the sympathy of the people by humming “Indonesia Wins”.

This was conveyed by both partners in the first debate of the 2019 Presidential Election last night in Jakarta (01/17). Both candidates opened the match by presenting their vision and mission.

But, the two camps did not explore the main topic as what public expectation. As if, both of them have no fresh arguments to offer their best.

In his presentation, Widodo offered optimism and a fair for Indonesia in fulfilling and protecting civil and political rights and ensuring law enforcement and the administration of transparent and accountable governance.

“I believe that the more democratic and modern advancing a country, the better law and human rights will be, not only important civil rights and political rights, but also the fulfillment of economic and social rights,” he explained.

Widodo – Amin also promised to advance Indonesia such as access to land, education, health, capital and the right to development. Then, to resolve legal and human rights issues, that are still his homework as in the 2014 presidential election campaign promises, he stated that it was not easy to solve them because of the complexity of the evidentiary law and the time was too far away.

According to him, the cases should have been completed after the incident took place. But they remain committed and guarantee the resolution of the problem through institutional reform and strengthening of the law and compliance culture management system.

“The law must correct and enforce indiscriminately. Strict law enforcement is part of efforts to eradicate corruption that we do through improving the government system, strengthening the national anti-graft and encouraging synergy between law enforcement officers, and finally we must remain vigilant about the threat of terrorism through coaching,” said the incumbent.

To eradicated the corruption at the bureaucratic level, Widodo offers recruitment process that transparent and accountable competition, so it can cut corruption and have competent officials.

“I myself, during the election of the mayor, used a small budget. During the election of the governor I did not get money. This does require a long process. We can be started from the community [volunteers] without burdening the financial,” he cleared.

Different from the number 01 mate, Subianto – Uno with vision named “Indonesia Wins” stated that the country’ victory must be achieved now if it refers to a number of indicators that indicate that the nation is in an unfavorable condition.

Therefore, in his presentation Subianto stated to carry the tagline of self-sufficiency in food, fuel and clean water. In addition, his party promised that government institutions must be strong, especially law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and police so that they are superior and perform well.

He assessed that law enforcement officials must be guaranteed the fulfillment of adequate quality of life through injections of salaries and compensation to guarantee the quality of law enforcement in Indonesia. Uno added, both of them will ensure certainty of law enforcement so as to open up economic opportunities and availability of employment.

“We also make sure that the law presents a sense of justice for the society, many people are still complaining, it’s our homework and with Prabowo-Sandi, we enforce the law,” he concluded.

Regarding corruption in the bureaucratic, Subianto promised to increase the salaries of state apparatus and cut high political costs. According to him, the root of the problem is the income of unrealistic bureaucrats. They will do this by increasing the tax ratio to 16 percent.

“How is the governor’s salary of Rp 8 million (US$567,375.89) with the province [Central Java] whose budget is bigger than Malaysia,” he stated.

In the argument session, when discussed about overlapping regulations, candidate number two, Subianto – Uno said, they will empower national legal counseling agency and strengthen with best legal experts to synchronize the law.

Meanwhile, candidate number one Widodo–Amin mentioned that they will combine legislation functions in an institution named National Legislation Center, oversees all ministry, agency, and local government regulations and it will be controlled by president.

While talking about counter-terrorism, Subianto expects the strengthening of Indonesian military, police, and intelligence to fight terrorism. So terrorism threat can be detected before the occurrence.

“The State must be strong. We must be self-sufficient in food, energy and water. Army, Police and intelligence must be strong. We have to invest so we can be strong,” confirmed by Subianto.

But Amin gives a different response, that radicalism ideology can be tackled by straightening the deviant religious understandings, and not by doing any actions than can violate human rights. He said, “We will do counter-radicalism to suppress radicalism by persuasion.”

In corruption issue discussion, Widodo attacked Subianto about some ex-corruptors Gerindra Party’s legislative candidates who listed in 2019 general election reported by Indonesia Corruption Watch.

But Subianto guaranteed that Gerindra Party will fight corruption to its root. “If there’s a Gerindra Party member corrupts, I will bring him to jail by myself,” he stressed.

Furthermore, the second debate will be held on Feb. 17. The debate is themed on energy and food, natural resources and the environment, and infrastructure that will only involve two presidential candidates, Widodo and Subianto.

Written by Linda Silaen and Daniel Deha