The two pair of Presidential Candidates mingle at the GEC's office on Friday (21/09) - Photo: Privacy

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian General Elections Commission held the draw for the 2019 presidential and vice presidential debate on Wednesday (12/26). The debate will be held five times and aired on all national television.

Various strategic issues were raised as themes to be paralleled with the two opposing teams visions and mission platforms. The first debate will be held on Jan. 17, 2018. At this debate the presidential and vice-presidential candidates will discuss law, human rights, corruption, and terrorism.

The weak law enforcement issue, massive corruption that has hit state-institutions, unresolved human rights issues and the emergence of separatist movements and theorizing in various fields of agriculture make these important themes to discuss. The goal is to see how the two camps are concocting the right solution to resolve tangled-threads in this sector.

A month later, on Feb. 17, the second debate with the format of presenting only presidential candidates. The themes are energy and food, natural resources, the environment, and infrastructure.

Joko Widodo may be proud because of his high-achievements in encouraging the development of infrastructure, energy and food. However, based on reliable data, issues about the environment and natural resources could overshadow the incumbent’s achievements. As fact, in recent years, this issue has received little attention from the government.

Meanwhile, Prabowo Subianto tends to create measurable self-sufficiency in food, energy and rural infrastructure. This is evident from his team’s mission in designing at least 41 economic action plans.

Then the third debate will present the two vice-presidents, Ma’ruf Amin and Sandiaga Uno will be held on March 17 with theme education, health, employment, social and culture.

At this debate, the Indonesian people will see how the two vice-presidents have compiled a program to improve the quality of education, school curriculum, health insurance, health insurance, social assistance and cultural issues.

As a religious man, Amin certainly emphasized Sharia economic empowerment and cultural approaches in solving problems in Indonesia. However, as a genuine-entrepreneur, Uno will certainly offer soft skills and vocational based curriculum programs and revitalize social assistance programs to truly be enjoyed by the poor-society. This can be seen from his political narrative to focus on commodity prices and poverty in borderland.

The fourth debate will present only the presidential candidates. The idea will take place on March 30 with theme of ideology, government, defense and security, and international relations.

As a former military officer, Subianto certainly has an accurate strategy in the fields of defense, security and international relations. As we know, he and Uno has played on the ideology of religion-Islamist because it is strongly supported by Moslems. But the public is still questioning what ideology is actually carried by the both camp, cause he is well-known as very nationalist.

In contrast to his opponents, Widodo is actually not from a military background, but a civilian. However, he is currently surrounded by former generals. This will certainly be very helpful for how he concocts security, defense and international relations strategies.

In addition, he is very experienced in government, has good track record, and is very strong with nationalist ideology. Presumably, this theme will present two different ideas.

The fifth debate will bring back the two presidential and vice-presidential camps. The themes are economics and social welfare, finance and investment, trade and industry. However, the date has not been determined.

In the last debate, certainly the two camps will mobilize their energy and best ideas, remembering that there is only a few weeks before the April 17 general election. Winning people’s hearts and minds through programs and ideas will become an urgent concern.

Widodo has experience on how to manage the economy and domestic investment. However, vice-president number two Uno, also has good capital in the economic and financial sectors.

Even, he always throws economic issues in socialization activities in various regions. Therefore, this moment will be awaited by the Indonesian public.

Over the past four months the Widodo – Amin and Subianto – Uno couples visited across the nation to introduce their vision and mission and public. Since the determination in August, the two camps have been busy devising their best strategies to battle out the 2019 Presidential Election.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: