Widodo-Amin Still Superior 20s% to Prabowo-Sandi, says Surveys
Yunarto Wijaya from Charta Politica - Photo: Special.

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The high level of people enthusiasm toward the 2019 general election and the level of public knowledge and the socialization of the election quite good and has been equity, said Charta Politika Institute on Wednesday (01/16).

The survey showed, that the electability of Joko Widodo – Ma’ruf Amin chosen by 53.2 percent while Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Uno by 34.1 percent.

While, a majority of 71.4 percent of the people stated that their choice had been solid with the Widodo – Amin pair, while 14.6 percent stated that it was still possible to change.

The choice of Widodo’s character is more due to good performance in practice (34.3 percent), social life and populist (32 percent), personal likes (11.7 percent), program (15.5 percent), vision and mission (21.3 percent).

Meanwhile, the reason for Subianto choice was more because he was firm (25.5 percent), social life and populist (21.9 percent), and liked personally (12.7 percent).

The survey conducted in the period Dec. 22 to Jan. 2, 2019, which involved 2,000 voters with a structured interview method. The results show unique and specific things. For example, people who claimed to be close to a political party look low, below 25 percent.

On the other side, Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan Party and the Gerindra Party Party became the top choice political parties in the community, respectively 25.2 percent and 15.2 percent. Then followed sequentially by the Golkar Party (9.0 percent), Kebangkitan Bangsa Party (8.1 percent) and the Nasional Demokrat Party (5.3 percent).

Meanwhile, the level of stability of people’s choices towards political parties is around 50 percent. It indicates that people’s choices are still very dynamic in dropping their choices on political parties. Accustomed to choosing parties and party leaders are the two main reasons for the society in choosing political parties.

Furthermore, the society evaluations of the government performance, as much as 65.8 percent expressed satisfaction, while 30.1 percent stated their disaffection. The government’s performance was considered satisfactory by most people, except for the price of basic necessities which was considered unsatisfactory with a percentage of 51 percent.

On the security issues 56.6 percent were satisfied, health services were 60.2 percent satisfied, corruption eradication, and 60.4 percent were satisfied.

The people also considering that as much as 66.4 percent of the nation’s main problems today are economic inequality. While other problems such as the rise of politics and religious sentiment, the amount of debt, the law of selective logging and imports are no more than 10 percent. However, society satisfaction with infrastructure development was 63.7 percent satisfied.

Widodo’ program in general is quite well-known by the public. The Healthy Indonesia Card and Smart Indonesia Card are the best known work programs (87.5 percent), and are considered the most successful (79.9 percent).

While several others work programs are not yet well known, such as one prices fuel (76.5 percent) and the Houses People’s Program (66.4 percent). In addition, village development from village funds amounted to 82, 5 percent and prosperous rice 73.3 percent.

After the 2019 Presidential Election, the public hopes that the elected president and vice president will solve economic problems, be able to eradicate corruption and provide good public services.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: theinsiderstories@gmail.com