Indonesian government has arrested 34 people during the four days' riot in Papua and West Papua - Photo by VOA Indonesia

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian apparatus opened fire on Papuan protesters, killing three peoples and others injured, as they tried to storm a local government office in the Deiyai region, near to Jayapura City, said the government official today (08/28).

Special Chief of President Staff, Moeldoko revealed from the three victims, two are police officers and an army. Papua regional police report that one soldier died as a result of wounds inflicted by the attackers. Five security personnel (1 soldier and 4 police officers) were wounded. While two civilians died, one as a result of wounds from the armed group’s arrow, and the other died of a gunshot wound.

It said a protest turned violent when a separate group of more than 1000 people armed with machetes and arrows attacked security personnel. The armed group brutally attacked Army personnel and stole a number of stored firearms and ammunition.

The armed group then continued the attacks with the stolen firearms, machetes and arrows. The security personnel was extremely restrained in their response. Defensive actions were taken to control the armed group including by returning fire. Smoke grenades were used to disperse the crowd. The situation in Deiyai is now calm and has returned to normal.

Papuan military spokesman Eko Daryanto through written messages reports that some officers were shot by arrows. An officer was killed and five injured. Then, 10 SS1 V2 Firearms were seized by the demonstrators.

In Jakarta, students from Papua continue to demonstrate today in front of the Merdeka Palace, demand for an independence vote while flying the “Morning Star” flag, a symbol of Papuan independence. Referendum calls “were the people’s aspiration”, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe told reporters on Monday, after meeting President Widodo in his office.

He and the governor of neighboring West Papua are to discuss the referendum demands in a meeting with Widodo. President itself said he wants to meet Papuan leaders in this week.

Thousands of Papuans staged another series of rallies on Monday in most several towns of Indonesia’s easternmost region, after protests that erupted last week over perceived ethnic discrimination provoked some calls for independence.

The demonstrations were triggered by a racist slur against Papuan students, who were hit by tear gas in their dormitory and detained in the city of Surabaya on Indonesia’s main island of Java on Aug. 17, but some protest rallies grew into a broader demand for an independence vote.

About 1,200 police officers have flown to the region which has a heavy military presence due to decades of separatist conflicts.

Jakarta has cut internet access in the region in the past week, to stop people sharing “provocative” messages that could trigger more violence, a step criticized by rights group and journalists, who said it had made reporting difficult.

Written by Lexy Nantu, Email: