Indonesian President Joko Widodo asked his staff more aggressive and solve all the obstacle that hampered investment in the country - Photo by President Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo asked his staff more aggressive and solve all the obstacle that hampered investment in the country. This was said by the leader when leading a limited meeting to discuss steps and anticipation in response to developments in the world economy yesterday (09/04).

“I ask all ministries relating to the economy to inventory regulations that hampered investment in our country,” said Widodo at the President Office.

He explained, global economic growth, which is currently slowing raises concerns about the potential for a greater recession. Indonesia must immediately respond to these concerns and prepare anticipatory steps to reduce or avoid the effects of slowing global economic growth, he adds.

“Its hoped that the anticipatory steps have been prepared in a concrete manner and we hope that slowing economic growth, then the effects of this growing recession, we can avoid,” told president.

According to him, the fastest step the government can take to anticipate this problems are increase the incoming investment. Inventory of regulations that are considered to be hindering is the first step to fixing the licensing and investment system in Indonesia.

Two months ago, there were 33 foreign companies leaving China. Of these, as many as 23 of them chose to invest in Vietnam, while 10 others chose Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia.

None of these companies chose to invest in Indonesia. Widodo said that it must be a separate note and asked his staff to resolve the issue. He added, “Later in the week we will talk about the problem of how to immediately simplify the regulations that hamper and slow it down.”

Regarding dozens of companies investing in these neighboring countries, Widodo explored and obtained results that were one of the reasons for their speed. In Vietnam for example, it only takes 2 months for a company to be able to enter and invest there.

“We can take many years. The reason is only that, there is no other. Therefore, I told them to gather regulations, I will run there later,” he added.

Furthermore, in addition to asking for an inventory of hindering regulations, the Head of State also asked his staff to make an inventory of foreign companies that have committed to invest in Indonesia but are still experiencing problems so that they cannot be realized. He gives time for the next week to be able to collect these data.

“Everything will be checked one by one so that they really feel served,” he added.

Before ending the introductory session of the limited meeting, President Widodo also reminded his staff to continue to oversee issues related to this investment.

Accompany them until realized. We do not like officials asking to be served, we (who) serve,” said Widodo.

Written by Marcel Gual, Email: