JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia ranked fourth investment destination countries in 2019 with an investment score and doing business of 84.4, CEOWORLD reported this week. The score was measured by 11 factors such as labor, investor protection, infrastructure, taxes, quality of life, bureaucracy, and technological readiness.

The magazine reported Indonesia’ economic stability had a score 53, government policy with score of 82, and skilled workers were given score 56. Then, the institutional framework scored 50, research and education was 81, market potential was 61, and trade openness was 54.

The first ranked Malaysia with a score of 85.8 for investment and doing business. Poland’ in the second rank with score 85.2 and third Philippines 84.6.

“Below Indonesia, in fifth place is Australia, followed by Singapore, India, Czech Republic, Spain and Thailand,” the report said.

Furthermore, a country with a strong economy such as United Kingdom, United States, China, and Japan, respectively ranked 16th, 18th, 24th, and 32nd.

Previously, Head of Investment Coordinating Board, Thomas Trikasih Lembong, said that investment realization throughout the first semester of 2019 reached Rp395.6 trillion (US$28.26 billion), up 9.40 percent compared to 1H 2018 of Rp361.60 trillion.

He added that this investment originating from Domestic Investment reached Rp182.8 trillion and foreign investment realization reached Rp 212.8 trillion. This result absorbs Indonesian workers up to 490,715 people.

Lembong explained that investor confidence in Indonesian market was supported by external sentiment, namely US-China trade war tension. From the internal side, domestic political stability began to be felt after Presidential Election announcement.

“A year before election is certain to slow down, then after that it grows or recovery. Economic stability is increasing, “Lembong said.

Five countries investing in IH of 2019 are Singapore $3.4 billion, Japan $2.4 billion, China $2.3, Hong Kong $1.3 billion, and Malaysia $1 billion.

Written By Willy Matrona Email@TheInsiderStories.com