Demonstrators occupied around the Constitutional Court Building Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Since yesterday, the supporters of Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno start the National Movement for People’ Sovereignty for Justice and Humanity rally ahead the Constitutional Court’ decision on the 2019 Presidential Election dispute. Today the panel of judges will read out the decision on the opposition’ lawsuit.

The mass organizations joined in the demonstration were Front Pembela Islam (FPI), Gerakan Nasional Pengawal Fatwa (GNPF) Ulama, and  Persatuan Alumni 212 (PA 212).

According to PA 212 secretary, Bernard Abdul Jabbar, the protesters hit the streets wanted to pray for victims of the Jakarta riots. They also to provide support to Constitutional Court in order to uphold the fair justice amid an election dispute.

“We want the Constitutional Court not to be intervened by anyone,” he told reporters yesterday (06/26) by adding, they had sent permission to bring the peace message before the election dispute announcement.

According to him the protester is protected by constitution. Every citizen has the right to freely express their opinions in public.

“We have obeyed the constitution, no one should forbid our actions,” said Jabbar.

Previously, Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno had appealed to his supporters not rally and calm down on the presidential election outcome dispute. But, his supporters obey his direction.

“We will raise our hands if that happens. They have constitutional rights to gather and hold opinions. But, as Mr. Subianto said, whatever the outcome, we respect the constitutional decisions,” the opposition’ spokesman Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak told reporters yesterday.

Other spokesperson, Andre Rosiade said that the coalition parties will determine their position to become an opposition or will join the incumbent after the Court’ decision. Commenting on Joko Widodo invitation, he noted, so far there is no agenda on it.

“The opposition still focuses on the election trial,” he said.

Same statement loud by chairman of the Gerindra Party, Ahmad Riza Patria. He shouted that his party will negotiate with the coalition to remain an opposition or not.

“We will evaluate what the strengths and weaknesses have been in opposition for ten years as Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan party also experienced shortages and excesses in opposition for 10 years,” said the legislator.

Written by Willy Matrona, Email: