Acting CEO of Pertamina Nicke Widyawati - Photo by SOEs Ministry

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Two names will compete to fill the number one position in oil and gas company PT Pertamina. The strong candidates are former marketing director of the company Hanung Budya Yukyantana and acting chief executive Nicke Widyawati.
Indonesia State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) will decided the official name next week, said several sources close to deal.

According to our sources, Widyawati was summoned by President Joko Widodo to the State Palace yesterday (03/08). She arrived in Presidential Palace complex in Jakarta on Thursda  around 1 pm.

The meeting was done for more than one hour and Widyawati left the Palace at 2.26 p.m . When she was asked whether both of them talked about Rokan block at the meeting, Nicke denied it to comment.

According to her, at the meeting, she discussed about Balikpapan and Tuban refinery with President Widodo.  The president urged that the construction of the refinery should be sped up.
Speculation has been rife after Widyawati ‘s meeting with President Widodo that she is the strongest candidate to sit at the Pertamina ‘s top job. The speculation is reasonable, because n the recent days, SOEs Minister has told to media that the government will appoint a definitive CEO of Pertamina in the near time.
Widyawati did not answered TheInsiderStories question on the posibility of her candidacy. Beside her, other names also emerge as the strong candidates for Pertamina ‘s president director position.
Yukyananta, a former Pertamina  director of marketing and commercial and director of now defunct and corrupted Pertamina ‘s trading arm PT Pertamina Trading Ltd based is seen by many people as the accomplice of oil and gas’s
God Father Muhamad Reza Chalid. He also did not answer a message by TheInsiderStories also.
Speculation is also rife on the other name like Amin Sunaryadi, the current Head of the Special Task Force for the Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities and Samsu Alam, Pertamina’s Director of Upstream.
We will wait who’s the candidates should be take the place.
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