Acting CEO of Pertamina Nicke Widyawati - Photo by SOEs Ministry

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories)  State-owned Enterprise Ministry (SOEs) for the second time of this year shake up the management of energy firm PT Pertamina after a series of problem including oil spill in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

Previously in Feb. 2017, SOEs Minister Rini Soemarno change the management board of the company following plans for oil & gas holding.

Today, at the extraordinary shareholders meeting Soemarno shake up again the company’s board of directors composition and revoke Elia Massa Manik from his position as a president director of Pertamina.

Deputy for State Owned Enterprise Minister Fajar Harry Sampurno told reporters on Friday (20/04), a recent oil spill and slow progress on refinery developments are the reason on the replacement.

Furthermore according to him, the ministry appointed Nicke Widyawati as an acting president director from her position now as a human resources director.

Before enter Pertamina’s, Widyawati worked for PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara as  a Director of Corporate Planning and Director since Dec. 24, 2014 and served as its Director of Commerce, Risk Management and Compliance since 2014.

Before becoming Director of Human Resources Pertamina, she has served as Director of Business PT Engineering Industries and Vice President of Corporate Strategy Unit PT Rekayasa Industri.

Last February, the ministry changed the structure of Pertamina’s board of directors, including by scrapping the director for gas post. As a result of the structure changes, Yenni Andayana, who was Director for Gas of PT Pertamina prior to the shareholders meeting, is dismissed.

In addition, director for marketing is now split into two – Director for Retail Marketing and Director for Corporate Marketing. The shareholder also added new director post, namely Director for Logistic, Supply Chain and Infrastructure.

Under the oil and gas holding plan, Pertamina Gas, a unit of Pertamina, will be merged with gas distributor PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (IDX:PGAS).

On April 11 signed an approval letter over the transfer of a 56.96 percent stake in state gas distributor PGAS to Pertamina. As part of the deal, the gas distributor will acquire Pertamina’s gas producer arm Pertagas.

The plan to takeover of PGAS by Pertamina has been floated since 2013, with goals aimed at creating an state-owned energy holding company that handles the management of gas infrastructure in Indonesia.

The takeover has stirred public debate and confusion among executives in both companies. However, the government proceeded with the plan on belief it will benefit the entire nation.

Sampurno said that the creation of this holding company was from a direction from President Joko Widodo as outlined in the SOE ministry’s roadmap plan submitted to the House of Representatives in December 2015.