Japanese government is considering a new stimulus package worth more than US$929 billion for a second additional budget in this year following a record expenditure plan of $1.1 trillion released last month, the officials announced last week - Photo: Special
JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) — In this early 2019, Japanese Yen dramatic surge becomes another concern for the global market. Since early December, Yen recorded as the best performing major currency in the world.
The invigorating Yen is considered as a sign for this year’s slowdown global economy. Japanese investors who tended to invest a large portion of their savings overseas, brought their money home during extreme market stress and drove the yen powering up.
Indonesia is also impacted by the strengthening of Yen. Rupiah against Yen slumped by 1.93 percent. Meanwhile, Indonesia against US Dollar closed weakening by only 0.06 percent to 14,474.

But Indonesia’s stocks market is not affected by this. The Jakarta Composite Index closed rising 0.64 percent to 6,221.01, supported by property and construction sector. And although not in a huge amount, foreign funding seen flowing to the market.

Moreover, Indonesian government will offer Retail Savings Bond  series SBR005, starting on Jan. 10 to 24. The coupon will be floating with minimum amount. Government is expected to announce the coupon tomorrow, before the offering period.
While, the Energy and Mineral Resources ministry decided that there will be no electricity tariff hike to non-subsidy consumers during the first three months of 2019, although some factors presented the opposite. According to the minister regulation, the electricity tariff can be adjusted by some quarterly if macroeconomy change.
During September-November, Rupiah against US Dollar weakened to 14,914, Indonesia Crude Price lowered to $71.81/barrel, and monthly inflation increased by 0.12 percent on average. Although the parameters showed some triggers for the increasing, government is trying to maintain electricity price.

Followed the East Indonesia Mujahidin terror led by Ali Kalora at Salubose Village in Parigi Moutong in Central Sulawesi, Presidential chief of staff Moeldoko confirmed that the Indonesian government will not tolerate it.

He said, Indonesian National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian will take tactical steps upon facing the terrorist group, similar to what is taking place currently at Poso District under Tinombala’ Special Operation.

Then, for the presidential debate on Jan. 17, Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Uno pair will focus on forth of corruption and legal issues, said the electoral campaign team Ahmad Riza Patria. He said, there are many corruption-related issues to highlight in the Joko Widodo administration for the upcoming debate.

Patria stated that the pair number two will underline the law enforcement in Indonesia while for the human rights issues, the opposition candidates will mainly talk about Widodo’ failure to implement the nine key development programs, known as the Nawacita.

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