The anti-graft body has named PTPN III' CEO Dolly Pulungan, Marketing Director Kadek Kertha Laksana, and bribe giver owner of PT Fajar Mulia Transindo, Pieko Nyotosetiadi as a suspect - Photo by the Company

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Nearly a dozen people were arrested by the Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission (CEC) related to bribery cases this week. First related to bribery distribution of sugar in PT Perkebunan Nusantara III (PTPN III) and then bribery of work projects within the Ministry of Public Works and Public House official and Regent of Muara Enim Regency, in South Sumatra Province.

The anti-graft body has named PTPN III’ CEO Dolly Pulungan, Marketing Director Kadek Kertha Laksana, and bribe giver owner of PT Fajar Mulia Transindo, Pieko Nyotosetiadi as a suspect. Unless the three suspected had not yet been arrested and the CEC asked them to surrender.

The CEC Deputy Chairperson Laode Syarif told reporters on Tuesday (09/03) stated that the PTPN III bribery case was revealed after they were informed of alleged money requests from Pulungan to Nyotosetiadi and other companies engaged in the distribution of sugar.

He explained, that in early 2019, a company owned by Nyotosetiadi was appointed as a private party in the “long term contract” scheme with PTPN III. In the contract, the private sector gets a quota to import sugar regularly every month during the contract.

“In PTPN III, there are internal rules regarding the study of setting monthly sugar prices,” said Syarif.

On Saturday (08/31), a meeting took place between Nyotosetiadi, Pulungan, and ASB (initials) as General Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Indonesian People’ Sugar Cane Farmers Association, at the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta. Following up on the meeting, he continued, Pulungan asked I Kadek Kertha Laksana to meet Nyotosetiadi to follow up on previous money requests.

Syarif said S$345,000 was allegedly a fee related to the distribution of sugar which was included in the scope of work of PTPN III. On Monday, Nyotosetiadi asked the manager of Money Changer in Jakarta Freddy Tandou, who was arrested in this case to withdraw the amount of money that was planned to be given to Pulungan.

He then ordered his trusted person, Ramlin, to take money from the money changer’ office and hand it over to the Kharisma Nusantara Joint Marketing employee, Corry Luca, who was also arrested in this case.

Furthermore, Luca delivered a sum of S$345,000 to Laksana. He stated, “At 8 p.m., the CEC team then secured Coory Luca at his house then at 8.30 p.m. our team secured Ramli in his office.”

Furthermore, bribery of work projects within the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing Department of Muara Enim involved the regent, Ahmad Yani. Beside him, the CEC arrested Head of Road Development in the Muara Enim, Elfin Muhtar, the bribe giver, Robi Okta Fahlefi who is the owner of PT Enra Sari and his staff, Edy Rahmadi.

While, Basaria Panjaitan during a press conference at her office, said that his team was informed that there would be a handover of money as part of a 10 percent fee from the project obtained by Fahlefi to Muara Enum Regent through Elfin Muhtar.

“On September 2 at around 3.30 p.m., the team saw Robi Okta Fahlefi and his staff meeting Elfin Muhtar who was accompanied by his staff sitting together in Palembang. The team saw allegations of handing over money from Robi to Elfin at that place,” she explained.

“After the money transfer was made, around 5 p.m., the team secured the Elfin Muhtar and Robi Okta Fahlefialong with their respective staff and secured a total of US$35,000,” Panjaitan said by adding in parallel at 5.31 p.m., the team arrested Regent Yani in his office and confiscated several documents.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises said they respected the legal process being faced by PTPN III.

“The Ministry respects the legal process currently being faced by PTPN III,” said Deputy Minister of Agro and Pharmaceutical Industry Business at the Ministry of of State-Owned Enterprises Wahyu Kuncoro in a press release in Jakarta, Wednesday (4/9).

Wahyu said the SOE Ministry asked PTPN III’s management to ensure that operations continued. Regarding whether Pulungan and Laksana were removed from their positions, the Ministry would consult with the law firm.

Written by Marcel Gual, Email: