Mount Anak Krakatu in Sunda Straits - Photo: Special

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Major efforts are still underway to manage the aftermath of the tsunami disaster caused by the activities of Mount of Anak Krakatau. The joint team continues to search for and identity the victims.

Logistical assistance has been mobilized and is sufficient for the next seven days. This was conveyed by the spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency Sutopo Purwo Nugroho in Jakarta, on Friday (12/28).

According to him, until now, the eruption of Anak Krakatau is still emitting volcanic ash and lava. The activity of a mountain as high as 329 meters above sea level has triggered high waves and a tsunami that hit Banten and Lampung provinces.

Although volcanic ash continues to be ejected, the condition is still classified as normal because it is not harmful to people’s health and activities. Flights and shipping around the area is still unaffected also.

Even so, the agency has issued an appeal that the public should not carry out activities inside a radius of 5 kilometers. Search operations around the waters of the Sunda Straits can still operate.

Nugroho reported, the number of victims identified on the sixth day was 431 dead, 7,202 injured, 23 missing and 40,386 displaced. While the physical damage was 1,917 units, with details: 1,296 housing units, 78 inns and stalls, 434 boats, 69 cars, 38 motorbikes, 1 pier and 1 shelter.

While the population affected by the tsunami, in Banten there were 209,628 inhabitants and Lampung 141,611 peoples. Totally there were 351,240 people.

At present, he said, the search and rescue team is focusing on evacuating the population of Sebesi Island, South Lampung, which amounts to 2,814 people in safe areas. At last count, 1,600 people have been evacuated.

The island’s location is only 19.1 kilometers from the mountain. While the wind direction is still blowing from the northeast, so the volcanic ash is dominant to the southwest and not toward the island.

While, the government is still waiting for the final evaluation while paying attention to many things. For example about the willingness of the local community.

So far, the total losses due to the disaster, both fatalities, environment and facilities and infrastructure have not been calculated. But the government has prepared compensation funds in the form of insurance for the victims’ heirs according to the applicable procedures. The amount of Rp15 million (US$1,034.48) per victim.

He added, that the annual budget for disaster management was not significant, but instead continued to decline. This year, the agency budget is Rp7.19 trillion.

The amount, consisting of budget implementation list Rp 748.5 billion and funds ready to use Rp 6.44 trillion for handling the tsunami disaster in West Nusa Tenggara, Palu-Donggala in Central Sulawesi, the eruption of Mount Sinabung and Mount Agung.

Looking at the existing budget allocation, it is insufficient to meet the emergency response needs of the disaster. For example, the estimated budget for the disaster in Palu is Rp22 trillion and in West Nusa Tenggara Rp12 trillionn. While the available funding is only Rp18,392 trillion.

The funds comes from domestic Rp 6 trillion, foreign funds of $818.2 million and EUR7 million, consist of grants of $18.2 million and EUR7 million, reallocation of on-going projects of $300 million and new loans of $500 million. There is a large margin from the availability of funds with the need for disaster management, amount to Rp15.608 trillion.

Therefore, in the disaster management master plan, they should not only take into account mitigation and the procurement of disaster detection devices, but fiscal support, which will also greatly influence handling efforts.

US$1: Rp14,500

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