President Inaugurates Four Mega Projects US$6.2 Billion in Banten

Photo by President Office
JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Indonesia President Joko Widodo inaugurate four mega projects during his visit in Banten province on Thursday (5/10). At that day, he launched the groundbreaking of the construction of three thermal power plants and the operation of one coal terminal with a total cost of US$6.2 billion.

The two thermal power plants are thermal power plant Jawa 7, with a capacity of 2×1,000 megawatts, Jawa 9 and 10 with a capacity of 2×1,000 megawatts, while the other one is Banten has power 660 megawatt. The three thermal power plants are part of the governments program to build power plants with a total capacity of 35,000 megawatts, he noted.

President Widodo said that the power plants being built in the process are still many and are expected later in 2019 to appear to be completed. He also inspected the construction of a $145 million coal terminal, with a capacity of 20 million tons. 

“The construction of the coal terminal, with a capacity of 20 million tons, will strengthen coal supplies to thermal power plants in western Java,” he remarked in the press statement.

The construction of thermal power plant Jawa 7, which will cost $1.88 billion, comprises unit 1 with commercial on date scheduled for April 2020 and unit two with COD scheduled for October 2020. The power plant will sell electrical power to state electricity company PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) at $4.21 cent dollars per kilowatt hours (kWh).

Meanwhile, Jawa 9 and 10 is built under an independent power producer (IPP) scheme next to power plant Suralaya 1-8 in Banten, with a total investment of $3 billion. The thermal power plant is built based on an assignment from PLN to its subsidiary, PT Indonesia Power, in accordance with Presidential Regulation No. 19 of 2017.

The COD of PLTU 9&10 is scheduled for 2022. It is built under a 25-year contract, with a production cost of 5.1 cent dollars per kWh

“This electricity has been delivered by Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources can flow about 2 million households. Later when this can be completed 4.6 million households, so that our children if the night can learn, this is often forgotten,” said the President.

The Head of State also said that there are still many eastern brothers who have not yet electricity. The President asserted that he had ordered the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources to be given priority in order for you in eastern Indonesia to get electricity immediately.

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