Bali Airport (Image credit: AP 1)

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – In order to boost the tourism industry in the northern part of Bali Island and anticipate overcapacity of the current international airport, Bali provincial government has agreed to develop the second international airport, called the New Bali International Airport.

President Director of the developer of the airport PT Bandara Internasional Bali Baru (BIBU) I Made Mangku said the airport will be built in offshore, about 19 kilometers to the east of Buleleng Regency capital city.

He said if the airport is built onshore, the developer will have to bulldoze 33 temples, 121 historic sites, residential areas and rice field.  “There are so many obstacles if we build onshore, therefore we opt to build in offshore,” Made said. This was in line with the recommendation of Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika to avoid damaging temples and rice fields.

BIBU, a private company, will tie up with Canadian company Airport Kinesis Canada (AKC) to develop the new airport.