The Insider Stories and TIS Intelligence Launching

The launching of The Insider Stories and TIS Intelligence (17/01) at the Indonesian Stock Exchange

JAKARTA (– Indonesia is a world of opportunities. As the economy continues to expand, more and more business and investment opportunities are opened up in this country’s of 252 million people, the largest economy in South East Asia. As a result, reliable and up to date information is needed to meet the needs of investors, both global and local.

Given this circumstance, the Insider Network is established to provide integrated information and data services to investors and business community in general about the progress and insights of the Indonesia’s economy.

Minister for Communication and Informatics Rudiantara gives keynote speech at the The Insider Stories and TIS Intelligence Launching Event (17/01)
Ricky Pesik, Deputy Chairman of Indonesian Creative Agency

The Insider Network operates news website The Insider Stories ( and TIS Intelligence, a newly service unit of the Insider Network, which provides up-to-date research. Today, the Insider Network also has supporting services, namely TIS Events, which conducts seminars and conferences on regular basis and TIS Communication.

“We are basically the bridge that connets investors, business community and policy makers. We are also active across digital and events,” said Linda Silaen, the founder of Insider Network during the launching of The Insider Stories and TIS Intelligence on Wednesday (16/01).

To mark the launching, the Insider Network holds a Seminar entitled, “Indonesia Outlook: How We Strive In Sharing Economy Era?.” Minister for Communication and Informatic Rudiantara gives Keynote Speech at the The Insider Stories and TIS Inteligence launching event. The launching was also attended, Deputy Chairman of Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) Ricky Pesik and Director of Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI) Samsul Hidayat.

(From left to right : Poltak Hotradero, TIS economist Henry Toruan and Deputy Chairman of Economic Creative Agency Ricky Pesik
IDX Director Samsul Hidayat

The “sharing economy” business model is being highlighted by the rise of on-demand applications that implement it and cause disruption. Sharing economy is a term with a range of meaning including open source, on-line collaboration, file sharing, peer-to-peer transaction and many more.

Minister for Communication and Informatics  said “sharing economy will grow in areas where there are inefficiencies. People will utilize sharing economy business model to resolve the inefficiencies.”

In Indonesia, many technology companies have embraced this business model, initially in the transportation sector. Go-Jek, Uber and Airbnb are among these, now popular household names.