Demokrat Party's Chairman Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (L) with Gerindra Party's Chairman Prabowo Subianto in press conference on Tuesday (24/07) - Photo by TheinsiderStories

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Good morning. After trying to join the Joko Widodo’s coalition, finally Democrat Party decided to join the Prabowo Subianto coalition. The announcement was made after the Democratic Party chairman Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono met with Gerindra Party chairman Subianto last night (24/07).

But Subianto’s vice president candidates still unclear. He said, in the coming days the coalition will met to figured out the vice president candidate fit for him.

With the announcement, 2019’s presidential election will refrain the 2014’s battle between Widodo and Subianto. For figured, Widodo coalition with six parties or hold around 50 percent of parliament voting rights while Subianto with four parties or similar with the existing president’s voting rights.

According to SBY, the reason his party joined with Subianto caused there are many obstacles to coalition with Widodo. He adds, the communication with other parties, Amanat Nasional and Keadilan Sejahtera Party will continue followed his meeting with Subianto.

From global side, China launched its New Economic Policy Package to protect the country’s economy from the impact of trade war with the United States (U.S). The tension of China’s trade relations with the U.S increasingly boiling.

The Panda country’s stimulus plan boost the global stock markets rallied on Tuesday (24/07). Another driving factor is the strong profitability of a number of corporations.

Meanwhile, European Central Bank (ECB) sticked with its planned to end its monetary stimulus by the end of 2018. The ECB is expected to present it after a policy meeting on July 26.