JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – British’ Prime Minister Theresa May announced her stance over customs union in Brexit clause. Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn previously called the government to stay with European Union (EU) but the premier sees, such act would diminish country’s ability to strike trade deals.

“I am not clear why you believe it would be preferable to seek a say in future EU trade deals rather than the ability to strike our own deals?” said May in an official letter to Corbyn.

Labour Party has asked for a permanent and comprehensive United Kingdom (UK)-wide customs union with the EU, with the same external tariff. While the existing declaration expects for a condition that provides benefits of a customs union with no tariffs, fees, charges or quantitative restrictions across all sectors and no checks on rules of origin.

Moreover, it also recognises the development of the UK’ independent trade policy. On the other hand, the country just signed an agreement with Switzerland ensuring the trading relationship between the two nations will continue after Brexit.

The deal which was announced in December, just being ratified, Monday. Switzerland is one of the UK’ most valuable trading partners that accounts for more than 32 billion Pound sterling worth of trade a year.

May added that securing frictionless trade for goods was one of the key negotiating objectives. The fundamental negotiating challenge is the EU’ position in completely frictionless trade is only possible if the UK stays in the single market.

Despite the customs union proposal rejection, May still hoped for further discussions with Labour over alternative arrangements to the backstop to the Northern Irish border which she is seeking to secure with EU leaders. She revealed Parliament will play a bigger role in directing negotiations with the EU.

“We intend to give Parliament a bigger say in the mandate for the next phase of the negotiations to address concerns that… MPs cannot be sure precisely what future relationship it would lead to,” May wrote.

She told the Labour leader: “It is good to see that we agree that the UK should leave the European Union with a deal and that the urgent task at hand is to find a deal that honours our commitments to the people of Northern Ireland, can command support in Parliament and can be negotiated with the EU – not to seek an election or second referendum.”

This is responding Corbyn that repeatedly saying there should be a general election if May cannot get a deal through Parliament. Corbyn has also faced pressure from some of the parliament members to push for another public vote on Brexit.

UK is now still under negotiation with the EU over Irish border backstop clause. If no new deal will not be reached with the EU by Wednesday, May will make a statement to Parliament, and bring a motion for debate on Thursday.

by Linda Silaen and Staff Editor, Email: linda.silaen@theinsiderstories.com