Coordinating Minister for the Economy Darmin Nasution (third left), Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara (second right) and Alibaba Founder of Jack Ma Group (center) giving information to reporters related to meeting with ministers in the series of IMF Annual Meetings - World Bank Group 2018 in Laguna Nusa Dua, Bali (13/10) - Photo by Antara

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – Founder of China’ Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., (NYSE: BABA) Jack Ma, has warned that technology could leads to a third world war. Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) special address on Thursday (01/24), the billionaire said that history shows technological innovation is a primary factor behind global conflicts.

“The first world war was because of the first technology revolution. The second technology revolution caused the second world war,” he continued.

Ma noted that the new technology will create a lot of successful people, interesting careers but at the same time will create social problems. But, if don’t align together, human beings are going to fight each other, because each technology revolution makes the world unbalanced, he emphasized.

Similar ominous remarks have been made by another tech billionaire – Elon Musk. The Tesla chief executive said last year, that competition among governments to be leaders in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) was likely to cause third world war.

Ma also highlighted about climate change as an area where tech can be used in a way that benefits society. Data, for instance, could help experts use fossil fuels “efficiently” and “smartly”. Therefore, he believes that technology is “great” for humanity, but it not being evil was not enough.

“I’m not a technology person, but I’m a believer that technology is great for human beings. And as a technical company, don’t be evil is not enough,” he emphasized.

“Google, Facebook, Amazon and AliBaba – we are the luckiest companies of this century. But we have the responsibility to have a good heart, and do something good. Make sure that everything you do is for the future,” clarified by Ma.

Furthermore, he suggested that to gain a success person in the world, it will need high emotional quotient, a high intellectual quotient, and a high leadership quotient. For him, globalization and trade cannot be stopped. Trade is the way to dissolve the war and not cause the war.

“Global trade must be simple and modernized; it must be inclusive so everyone has the same opportunity. The next generation of globalization must be inclusive,” he said.

Written by Daniel Deha, Email: