Deputy Chief of NTSC Haryo Satmiko Give an Explanation on the Black Box of Lion Air JT-610 at His Office (01/11) - Photo by TheInsiderStories

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – The National Safety National Committee (NTSC) states that it has received part of the black box Lion Air JT-610 and will immediately check the data. The initial report of the inspection is expected to be issued in this month after the accident occurred on Monday (29/10).

“Based on the rules we have to issue a preliminary report in the form of data and facts in one month period after the accident. But legally we are given wake-up for a year to conduct an investigation,” said Deputy Chief of NTSC Haryo Satmiko in a press statement in his office today (01/11).

According to him, in the initial report to be submitted were factual information in the form of sequence of events, the operators managing the aircraft, flight crew data, meteorological information, and airfield data from which the aircraft was flown.

So far, he continued, the agency has not been able to ascertain whether the part found is a flight or cockpit recorder. He said, the joint search team of the Lion Air JT-610 aircraft still continued to search all parts of the aircraft.

“We don’t know whether what we find is flight or cockpit recorder data. If both of them can be found immediately we assured that the results of their investigation are better. But if we don’t find them, we will have our own way to examine them,” he added.

On the fourth day of searched, the National SAR Agency (BASARNAS) has collected part of the blackbox, 56 bodies and part of JT-610 body.

Related to the event of lost contact of JT-610 aircraft, operated by PT Lion Mentari Airlines as JT-610 flights from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta to Depati Amir Airport, Pangkal Pinang, NTSC has collaborated with National Transportation Safety Board USA (NTSB), Boeing Inc., Federal Aviation Federation and General Electric.

On 10:05 a.m, the Crash Survivable Memory Unit was discovered by the NTSC in collaboration with the Assessment and Application of Technology Agency, the Navy and the National Army. Then at 11:17 a.m., five people from the NTSB team moved to Jakarta International Container Terminal II to see the debris that had been collected accompanied by two NTSC experts.

Then, the CSMU that was found was handed over to the NTSC from the BASARNAS. At 19.10 p.m., CSMU arrived at the NTSC and were immediately seized in a safe place.