Indonesia blamed American manufacturer Boeing Co., Lion Air' staffs and other issues on the JT 610 crashed a year ago - Photo: President Office

JAKARTA (TheInsiderStories) – All passengers of the Lion Air JT-610 accident on Monday (29/10) are feared to have all died. So far, Indonesia Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) has collected 26 bags containing parts of human bodies.

From the 26 bags, 24 bags have been sent to the National Police hospital for identification.The other body bags are still in the Jakarta International Container Terminal in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.

“We have delivered 24 body bags to the National Police Disaster Victim Identification. The two body bags are still in the Basudewa ships and Baruna Jaya ships,” said Didi Hamzar, Preparedness Director of Search and Rescue Agency on Tuesday (30/10) afternoon.

The search operation is underway for 24 hours today and will be continued in the next seven days. Totally, there are 812 deployed, consists of 201 personnel from Basarnas, and some from other SAR potentials like Indonesian military personnel, police, customs and red cross.

Basarnas has widen its search area for 10 nautical miles with total area of 400 nautical mile. For under water search, diving team has search and dived for 11 packs.

Indonesian flight the Lion Air JT-610 crashed on Monday with Jakarta – Pangkal Pinang route, took off at 6.20 a.m. from Soekarno Hatta Airport. Around 13 minutes after take off, pilot asked for returning to base.

Flight navigation service PT Airnav Indonesia already accepted and prepared the return. But at 6.33 a.m., the plane lost contact. Then it fell around Karawang waters, in West Java. According to Basarnas, the plane crashed 30-35 meters underwater.

Hundreds of Lion Air JT-610 passengers were allegedly still trapped inside the ill-fated aircraft body. Head of Basarnas, Senior Marshal M. Syaugi stated, “Yes, it should be like tha. We’ll update. So far, it is still trying to find the fuselage. Given the coordinates of the location of the crash the plane was found.”

The SAR team itself deployed 34 ships to search for carcasses and victims of aircraft that crashed in the northern waters of Karawang, West Java. In sector I, SAR deployed four ships equipped with underwater detection equipment. The first ship, the Indonesian Republic Warship Rigel was equipped with multi echo sounder equipment (MBES), side scan sonar, and remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV).

Meanwhile, the second ship, KN SAR Basudewa ship is equipped with Side Scan Sonar. Then, the Baruna Jaya ship belongs to the Technology Development Research Agency which is equipped with MBES, ping locator to detect black box signals, and ROV.

While the fourth vessel, the Dominos Ship owned by PT Pertamina, is equipped with side scan sonar, MBES, ping locator, and digital global positioning system.

Not only that, in this Sector I also deployed divers from the Basarnas Special Group, Kopaska, Taifib, and other SAR potentials that have competence in the field of diving. This Sector I is around the plane’s last contact at the coordinates of the coordinates 5 ° 46.15000 ‘S – 107 ° 7.16000’ E.

As for Sector II, more than 30 vessels were deployed from Basarnas, Ministry of Transportation, Polair, KPLP, Customs and others to search on the water surface. Not only that, Basarnas also deployed helicopters to search or search from the air.

Followed the accident, The transportation ministry issued the letter number 1063/DKPPU/STD/X/2018, dated Oct. 29th to president directors of PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk (IDX: GIAA) and PT Lion Mentari Airlines, the operator of Lion Air.

The minister Budi Karya Sumadi said, all of Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft would be examined following the incident of JT-610. The examination included the indication of repetitive problems, troubleshooting procedures, the compatibility between procedure and implementation of aircraft airworthiness, and aircraft troubleshooting equipment. The result would be then submitted to Directorate of Airspace and Aircraft Operations for further evaluation.

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